Ravi Bhalla becomes first turbaned Sikh mayor in New Jersey

People tend to mix up Sikhs — members of an Indian religion unrelated to Islam — with Muslims.

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Trump seems likely to win travel ban case at Supreme Court

At stake is whether the president can indefinitely keep people out of the U.S. based on nationality.

Macron tells Congress of ‘special’ US-French bond

He also addressed climate change, Iran, North Korea and “fake news.”

Scientists release most detailed star chart of the Milky Way

Data almost 1.7 billion stars were collected by the European Space Agency’s Gaia probe.

EPA security chief also worked for owner of tabloid company

The special agent performed regular work for American Media Inc. during the 2016 election.

Judge seeks update on raids of Trump’s personal lawyer

She wants to know how fast a copy of materials seized in a raid are being given to Cohen’s lawyers.

Trump warns Iran against restarting nuclear program

One of French President Macron’s top objectives while visiting is to persuade Trump to stay in the deal.

Inmate: Prison officers complicit in cellphone problem

Cellphones are so plentiful, some say, they are rarely the cause of violence between inmates.

Judge: Trump administration must accept new DACA applicants

He is the third judge to rule against Trump administration attempts to rescind DACA.

Trump calls Kim Jong Un “very open” and “very honorable”

His praise stood in stark contrast to his previous bellicose rhetoric toward the North Korean leader.

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