Trump-Netanyahu visit comes amid legal distractions for both

The president and the Israeli prime minister meet Monday at the White House.

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Report: Fired McCabe kept personal memos regarding Trump

On Twitter, the President Trump called the FBI Deputy Director’s firing a ‘great day.’

McCabe kept memos on Trump dealings; Mueller now has them

The memos could help substantiate McCabe’s assertion that he was unfairly maligned by the White House.

McCabe offered a temp job so he can get his full retirement

He appears to be considering an offer from Rep. Mark Pocan to work on election security in his office.

Advancing Syrian troops pile pressure on rebels in Ghouta

The opposition has lost more than 70 percent of the area since the military began a crushing offensive.

Top candidate to lead CDC is an AIDS researcher

The job has been vacant since Jan. 31, when former Georgia health commissioner Brenda Fitzgerald resigned.

Senators want CIA to lift veil on nominee’s black site past

Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing will be focused on the time she spent supervising a secret prison.

Vandal tags mural created by British graffiti artist Banksy

The piece protests the jailing of a Turkish artist and journalist.

Trump wildlife protection board defends trophy hunting

The group is stuffed with celebrity hunting guides, gun industry reps and wealthy sportspeople.

United flight diverted because it accidentally had dog on board

The incident was United’s third dog-related mishap just this week.

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