AAA launches bicycle roadside service in state

  • Fri Jun 29th, 2012 4:35pm
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Associated Press

SEATTLE — Ran into trouble while bicycling? Soon there will be help roadside available, if you’re AAA member.

AAA has announced that it will launch a roadside service for bicyclists in Washington state on Sunday. Washington joins the Oregon and southern Idaho branches with the service, said spokeswoman Jennifer Cook on Friday.

“The Pacific Northwest is a mecca for bicyclist enthusiasts,” Cook said. “We have an opportunity to offer a peace of mind. They have someone to call if they break down. It’s a natural transition from our emergency road service for cars.”

Under the bicycle service, a member can call AAA if they run into trouble. However, AAA crews won’t fix your bicycle. Rather, they’ll give you a lift to a safe location of your choosing, such as home or a bike shop.

How far AAA takes you depends on the mileage covered by the membership plan. For example, the lowest level allows for a 5 mile radius ride, the middle one for 100 miles and the highest for 200 miles.

Should the ride be longer than the membership allotment, a mileage surcharge can be used.

The new service will be available for all members and it will be tiered like the membership levels.

Similar services have been available in Oregon and southern Idaho for more than a year.

Cook said that AAA fielded about 200 service calls since launching — a small number compared to car calls. But she said that those states recently announced expansions of the service to all membership levels.