Bullets from possible I-5 road-rage incident strike car

  • Sat Jun 9th, 2012 3:08pm
  • News

Herald staff

MARYSVILLE — Two bullets pierced the car of a Stanwood man early this afternoon as he was driving northbound on I-5.

The man, who was not identified, was not injured, said Trooper Keith Leary of the Washington State Patrol.

The man said that about 1 p.m. he saw two cars ahead of him that appeared to be involved in some type of road-rage incident. One car was a black Mercedes, he said. No description was available on the second car.

The Stanwood man, who was driving a Ford Mustang, said he pulled to the side of the road thinking that a tire had blown out. Instead, he found two bullet holes behind the driver’s door.

“He didn’t see a gun,” Leary said. The man assumed that the shot came from one of the two vehicles involved in the road-rage incident, but “he doesn’t believe he was the target,” Leary said.