Candidates for 10th District seat differ on ways to create jobs

  • Sat Oct 9th, 2010 8:26pm
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What’s the job?

At stake is a two-year term as a representative in the Legislature. The 10th Legislative District includes Stanwood and covers other parts of northwest Snohomish County, all of Island County and a portion of southwest Skagit County. The annual salary is $42,106.

Barbara Bailey

Age: 66

Residence: Oak Harbor

Party: Republican


Occupation: Incumbent legislator running for a fifth term, self-employed as an executive coach.

Education: University of the State of New York, bachelor of science in psychology

In her own words: “We need to live within our means, balance the state budget without raising taxes and provide essential, mandated services. Voters have a great opportunity set a new course to prioritize services, restructure and reform government to make it more efficient, transparent and accountable. When we are able to restore the economy, the jobs will return along with revenues to the state.”


•Wants legislation to better combat heroin use by young people, along with addressing topics brought to her by constituents, including environmental, agricultural and social issues.

Says the state cannot afford to change its position as the second-most trade dependent state in the union. Getting the best deal for the dollar is the way to do business. The state needs to attract more employers, but not by using tax dollars and not by going into debt to create jobs programs, she said.

Says working in state government is not about political parties. Civility and common sense are what is needed.

Notable: Bailey put 175,000 miles on her car during the past eight years running around the 10th District and to Olympia. She subscribes to every newspaper in her district and likes to brag that the 10th District is the most beautiful in the state.

Tom Riggs

Age: 39

Residence: Camano Island

Party: Democratic


Occupation: Ranger/manager, Camano Island State Park

Education: Central Washington University, bachelor of science in outdoor recreation

In his own words: “I am the underdog coming out of the primary election, but we did well in Stanwood-Camano and Skagit Valley. I am running because working-class people need a voice in Olympia. I want our state to build a sustainable economy on a balanced budget while helping to create good jobs. People want a return on their tax investment and they want everybody to pay their fair share. Rich people have the tax breaks now and the jobs are still going away.”


•Believes middle class taxpayers pay more than their share. Believes taxing the top 2 percent income bracket at the same rate as the bottom 20 percent will encourage owners of large companies to invest more in their businesses and hire more workers.

Wants state agencies to spend money for needs and supplies in the state. For example, state camping reservations are taken by a Canadian phone bank, which doesn’t benefit state residents in the long run, he said.

Wants a WPA-like jobs program that would put people to work shoring up the state’s roads and bridges so the transportation needs of businesses can be better met.

Notable: Riggs refuses campaign contributions from out of state. He and his wife and their children raise chickens and Guinea hogs at home. He teaches Sunday school and plays guitar at his church. Longtime KMPS radio listeners might recognize his parents, Maria and Don Riggs, from the station’s morning show.