Convictions reversed over PowerPoint show

  • Thu Oct 18th, 2012 1:46pm
  • News

Associated Press

SEATTLE — The Washington Supreme Court has reversed a man’s convictions on assault and other charges in a meth-addled attack on his fiancée because of the prosecutor’s improper PowerPoint slide show during closing arguments.

Edward Glasmann and his fiancée rented a motel room in Lakewood in 2004 to celebrate his birthday, but it didn’t go well. He beat her, drove over her leg and then threatened to kill her.

During closing arguments, the deputy Pierce County prosecutor presented a slide show with Glasmann’s mug shot and the word “guilty” superimposed in red letters three times across his face. The justices said unanimously Thursday that was improper, because there was no such image admitted as evidence.

The justices only disagreed about how many of the convictions to dismiss. Five justices said he should get a new trial on all counts, while the minority said only his conviction for assault should be overturned.