Czechs on the lookout for escaped honey badger

  • Thu Sep 9th, 2010 10:20pm
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Associated Press

PRAGUE — Prague zoo said Thursday one of its fearless honey badgers is on the run.

Zoo spokeswoman Jana Ptacinska Jiratova said the female honey badger named Kaca escaped earlier this week, when she probably climbed over a fence around six feet high.

She said it was the first such case in nine years since honey badgers have been in the zoo.

Pavel Brandl, in charge of mammals at the zoo, said the honey badger is considered the most fearless animal in the world.

He feared that the small, furry creature — which weighs about 17 pounds and loves honey — is unlikely to survive in the wild.

Ptacinska Jiratova said the zoo has received a number of tips from citizens about Kaca’s possible whereabouts, but so far the search has been fruitless. She said the animal, native to Africa, is not dangerous but could become aggressive if it feels threatened.

Prague zoo is one of the few in the world where six honey badgers were born in captivity. The 10-year-old Kaca, who joined her partner Cert in Prague nine years ago, is the mother to all of them.