Dead jellyfish washing ashore along Mississippi coast

  • Mon May 3rd, 2010 2:59pm
  • News

By Brian Skoloff Associated Press

GULFPORT, Miss. — The head of the National Wildlife Federation says he has seen a huge number of dead jellyfish along the beach on an island at the southern end of the Mississippi.

Larry Schweiger says his team will go back out today to take tissue samples to see if the oil spill caused their deaths.

Schweiger says it’s not uncommon to see jellyfish floating dead during high winds, but the number of dead found so far is beyond normal.

Necropsies completed on five of at least 30 dead sea turtles found along Mississippi beaches in the past few days show no evidence of oil killing the reptiles.

Brian Gorman of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Gulfport, Miss., said today that no evidence of oil or contamination has been found. But he says that doesn’t mean further analysis won’t reveal something.