Edmonds official says vandalism may be retaliation

  • Wed Aug 22nd, 2012 7:58pm
  • News

By Katya Yefimova Herald Writer

EDMONDS — Someone has a problem with Edmonds City Councilwoman Diane Buckshnis.

Buckshnis was gardening in her yard Tuesday morning when she noticed the word “bitch” painted in bright-green letters on the window of her husband’s Jeep.

She believes the vandalism may be linked to her work on the City Council.

“I don’t feel threatened, but I wish whomever it is would just talk to me,” she said. “This is a sad day in Edmonds’ politics that someone has to go to this extent to attempt to embarrass me in my own neighborhood.”

Buckshnis also said she found a pile of dog feces by her house on two occasions earlier this summer after the council tossed out a law requiring people to keep their cats from roaming the neighborhood. Buckshnis wanted to keep the law.

The councilwoman didn’t report the first two incidents but contacted police after what happened Tuesday.

Edmonds police are investigating the matter, Sgt. Mike Blackburn said Wednesday. He urged people with any information to call 911 or the Edmonds police tip line, where anonymous tips can be left, at 425-771-0212.

The case is being investigated as harassment, which carries a misdemeanor criminal charge.

Buckshnis was appointed to the council in 2010 and was elected to a full term last year.

She has helped establish the nonprofit Off-Leash Area Edmonds and for five years worked as the director of the Edmonds Art Festival. She actively supports the local garden club, senior center, Rotary and other causes.

“It is unfortunate that folks who may have a disagreement or problem with my views over something can’t either stop by and ring the doorbell or call,” she said.