Evergreen State Fair Results

  • Sat Aug 25th, 2012 9:39pm
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FFA Food SciencE

Team scores: Monroe 257; Stanwood 244.5; Snohomish 220; Cedarcrest 168.5; Marysville Pillchuck 156; Granite Falls 59

Individuals: Anniejoy Schutte, Cedarcrest, 79.5, Blue; McKenna Lowe, Monroe, 71, Blue; Sara Flake, Stanwood, 68.5, Blue; Alex Thomas, Snohomish, 67.5, Blue; Nichole Pearson, Cedarcrest, 67.5, Blue; Jordyn Land, Monroe, 65, Blue; Randee Zerger, Snohomish, 65, Blue; Chelsee Robertson, Stanwood, 62.5, Blue; Bailee Richardson, Monroe, 62, Blue; Chloe Pruzinski,Monroe,59,Red; Zoe Ispas,Granite Falls,59,Red; Lindsey Martin,Stanwood,58,Red; Katelyn Geer,Stanwood,55.5,Red; Alex Picklesimer,MP,52.5,Red; Krystyne Holmes,Monroe,52.5,Red; Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood,49.5,Red; Fiona Lyle,Monroe,46.5,Red; Vince Salvo,Snohomish,44.5,Red; Drew Akins,Snohomish,43,Red; Byron Galusha,Cedarcrest,12.5,White; Willy Wilen,Cedarcrest,10,White

FFA Livestock Judging CDE

Team scores:Marysville 820; Stanwood 759; Cedarcrest 752; Snohomish 749; Monroe 731; Granite Falls 440; Lake Stevens 391; Sumner 287; Arlington 264

Individuals: Amanda Nemnich, Marysville, 289, Blue ribbon; Alyssa McGee, Sumner, 287, Blue; Willy Wylan, Cedarcrest, 270, Blue; Drew Akins, Snohomish, 269, Blue; Megan Larsen, Marysville, 266, Blue; Amanda Bullock, Marysville, 265, Blue; Angelina Bennett, Arlington, 264, Blue; Nathan Thompson, Stanwood, 262, Blue; McKenna Lowe, Monroe, 259, Blue; Zoe Ispas, Granite Falls, 254, Blue; Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood, 250, Blue; Kaylee Dargitz, Stanwood, 247, Blue; Vince Salvajalena, Snohomish, 245, Blue; Kenan Anderson, Sultan, 244, Blue; Beka Taylor, Marysville, 242, Blue; Nichole Pearson, Cedarcrest, 238, Red; Chloe Pruczinski, Monroe, 237, Red

Chad Neisinger, Sultan, 236, Red; Ashlynn Johnson, Snohomish, 235, Red; Liona Lyle, Monroe, 235, Red; Alexandra Leyde, Snohomish, 231, Red; Ryan Hall, Snohomish, 227, Red; Allyson Carothers, Monroe, 227, Red; Darby Day, Cedardrest, 225, Red; Jordyn Land, Monroe, 220, Red; Annijoy Schutte, Cedarcrest, 212, Red; Krystyne Holmes, Monroe, 211, Red; Byron Galusha, Cedarcrest, 208, Red; Jennifer Conley, Lake Stevens, 203, Red; Alex Picklesimer, Marysville, 198, Red; Kaylee Rule, Monroe, 195, Red; Krysttelle Mason, Lake Stevens, 188, Red; Zak Ispas, Granite Falls, 186, Red; Kristen Burns, Cedarcrest, 183, Red


Judging &Breed ID Contest Juniors Champion: Presley Dewald, Bothell; Reserve Champion: Abby Lundy, Brier; Intermediate Champion: Hannah McCaughan, Snohomish; Reserve Champion: Bailey Walvoord, Emeryville, Calif.; Senior Champion: Autumn Dennistoun, Arlington; Reserve Champion: Kendall McIntyre, Lynnwood

Equipment Contest

Juniors Champion: Jordan Skinner, Monroe; Reserve Champion: Charles Jelenek, Monroe; Special &Creative: Tristan Goodwin, Lake Stevens; Merit: Amanda Layton; Intermediate Champion: Grethe Steensgaard, Snoqualmie; Reserve Champion: Josh Stenchever, Sultan; Creative: Madison Goodwin, Lake Stevens; Senior Champion: Kirsten Dovey, Bellevue

4-H Rabbits Type

Best of Show Cinnamon: Joshua Stenchever, Sultan; Reserve in Show Havana: Lilli Ruiz, Gold Bar; Mini Lop: Shay Stenchever, Sultan; American Fuzzy Lop Best of Breed: Melissa Harnden, Monroe; Best Opposite: Monique Woodard, Bothell; Blanc de Hotot Best of Breed: Autumn Dennistoun, Arlington; Cinnamon Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Joshua Stenchever, Sultan; Dutch Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Autumn Dennistoun, Arlington; English Spot Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Kristen Dovey, Bellevue; Flemish Giant Best of Breed: Anna Vallieres, Bothell; Havana Best of Breed: Lilli Ruiz, Gold Bar; Best Opposite: Emily Gibson, Monroe; Himalayan Best of Breed: Lucy Hibbard, Everett;

Best Opposite: Megan Howard, Bothell; Holland Lop Best of Breed: Sarah Kovich, Bothell; Best Opposite: Hannah Bradley, Snohomish; Jersey Wooly Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Alyson Nicklos, Snohomish; English Lop Best of Breed: Kristen Dovey, Bellevue; Best Opposite: Matt Haley, Arlington; French Lop Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Mini Lop Best of Breed: Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Best Opposite: Abby Lundy, Brier; Mini Rex Best of Breed: Charles Jelenek, Monroe; Best Opposite: Lindsey Kramme, Granite Falls; Mini Satin Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Presley Dewald, Bothell; Mini Satin Best Opposite: Presley Dewald, Bothell; Netherland Dwarf Best of Breed: Kendall McIntyre, Lynnwood; Best Opposite: Charles Jelenek, Monroe; New Zealand Best of Breed: Kelli Uhrich, Arlington; Palomino Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Kendra Mutch, Duvall; Polish Best of Breed: Presley Dewald, Bothell; Best Opposite: Jamiee Wagner, Sultan; Rex Best of Breed: Tanna Mang, Snohomish; Best Opposite: Lucy Hibbard, Everett; Rhinelander Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Celine Vallieres, Bothell; Satin Best of Breed: Rachael Mueller, Marysville; Best Opposite: Serah Comstock, Marysville; Silver Fox Best &Best Opposite of Breed: Joshua Stenchever, Sultan; Tan: Best of Breed: Emily Gibson, Monroe; Best Pet: Genevieve Schmidt, Snohomish; Best Doe and Litter: Tanna Mang, Snohomish

Evergreen State Fair Advisory Board

Theme Decoration Awards First Place: Bicycle Tree Dairy 4-H Club and All 4-H Rabbit Clubs; Second Place: Sky Valley 4-H Dog Club and Dog, Friends &More 4-H Club; Third Place: Open Class Floriculture Department and South Lake Stevens Grange #690

Ag. Mechanics

Individuals: Ashley Rich, Horse Bench, Blue ribbon; Cody James Farmall Cub Tractor, Blue; Eli SmartTurner, 18’ Trailer, Blue; Stephanie Hampton, Trimming Chute, Blue; Troy Rimate, WSU Bell, Blue; Byron Galusha, Oliver Tractor, Blue; Byron Galusha, Bench, Blue; Byron Galusha, Pig Planter, Blue; Chad Neisinger, Cold Frame, Blue; Madison Berry, Foot Stool, Blue; Madison Berry, Table, Blue; Chelsea Douglas, Chicken Coop, Blue; Ryan Hall, Trailer, Blue; McKenna Lowe, Lead Ropes, Blue; McKenna Lowe, Urban Garden, Blue; McKenna Lowe, Garden Stakes, Blue; 1st place Best of Show Project: Ashley Rich, Stanwood; 2nd place: Cody James, Stanwood; 3rd place: Byron Galusha, Cedercrest; 1st place Individual Projects: Stanwood Ag. Mechanics, Stanwood; 2nd place: Byron Galusha, Cedarcrest; 3rd Place: McKenna Lowe, Monroe

Open Class Honey

Extracted Honey Chairman Award: Clare MacQueen, Marysville; Chairman’s Award: Ashtin Somes-ADE 7 years, Snohomish; Chairman’s Award: Adam Thompson, Edmonds; Award of Excellence: Anthony Lowe, Monroe; Award of Excellence: Jeff Thompson, Edmonds; Best of Division: Pete Wolcott, Lake Forest Park; Wax Best of Division: Tim Ade, Snohomish; Best of Show: Tim Ade, Snohomish

4-H Public Presentation

Special: Hailey Fagerness, Snohomish; Special: Kirsten Dovey, Bellevue; Intermediate Champion: Rachel Donka, Merit: Justin Armstrong, Snohomish; Best of Show: Taylor Christensen, Monroe; Creative: Nicole Buell, Marysville; Creative: Whitney Buell, Marysville; Judges Choice: Trevor Bikos, Mill Creek; Special: Taylor Christensen, Monroe; Merit: Trevor Bikos, Mill Creek

4-H Sheep

Junior Champion Quiz Bowl: Victoria Bennett, Arlington; Intermediate Champion Quiz Bowl: Dayne McIntyre, Lynnwood; Senior Champion Quiz Bowl: Ian Fitzgerald, Lake Stevens; Junior Champion Sheep Presentation: Cassie Duren, Napavine; Intermediate Champion Sheep Presentation: Dayne McIntyre, Lynnwood; Senior Champion Sheep Presentation: Autumn Dennistoun, Arlington