Fair results for Aug. 27


TEAMS: 1st Stanwood 946; 2nd Lynden 931; 3rd Sedro Woolley 909; 4th Monroe 804; 5th Snohomish 789; 6th Marysville 520; INDIVIDUALS: 1st Zach Wilson Stanwood 334 Blue; 2nd Tarisa Toth Sedro Woolley 319 Blue; 3rd Gracie Johnson Stanwood 317 Blue; 4th Juan Gavette Lynden 315 Blue; 5th Ben Smith Lynden 313 Blue; 6th Lacey Biemold Lynden 303 Blue; 7th Andrew Toth Sedro Woolley 303 Blue; 8th CHEYANNE LANGE Lynden 300 Blue; 9th Mistily Lybbert Stanwood 295 Blue; 10th Amanda Toth Sedro Woolley 287 Blue; 11th Will Steveson Snohomish 285 Blue; 12th Sarah Comstock Stanwood 277 Red; 13th Megan Howard Monroe 273 Red; 14th Emily Montoya Monroe 272 Red; 15th Angelina Bennett Marysville 271 Red; 16th Tyler Vroman Snohomish 266 Red; 17th Fiona Lyle Monroe 259 Red; 18th Caitlin Clark Monroe 257 Red; 19th Amanda Nemnich Marysville 249 Red; 20th Sam Salvadalena Snohomish 238 Red.


TEAMS: 1st Monroe 274.5; 2nd Snohomish 240.5; 3rd Stanwood 226; 4th Cedarcrest 198; 5th Arlington 56; INDIVIDUALS: Alex Aldredge Monroe 100 Blue; Morgan Meyers Stanwood 100 Blue; Eryn Byrd Peterson Monroe 88 Blue; Loren Hartzell Monroe 86.5 Blue; Becca Bartelheimer Snohomish 83 Blue; Max Surdyis Monroe 80.5 Blue; Fiona Lyle Monroe 80.5 Blue; Amanda Bloomquist Snohomish 79.5 Blue; Mackenzie Barton Monroe 78 Blue; Sydney Watt Snohomish 78 Blue; Annabelle Colley Snohomish 77 Blue; Alice Ish Cedarcrest 73.5 Red; Morgan Skoog Monroe 72 Red; Hannah Bailey Monroe 71 Red; Loryn Casey Monroe 69.5 Red; Rhodyn Gaskins Snohomish 69.5 Red; Sandy Jones Stanwood 68.5 Red; Cheyanne Huitred Monroe 65 Red; Allyson Corothers Monroe Red; Alex Akins Snohomish 62.5 Red; Nicole Hagens Cedarcrest 61 Red; Emily Mataya Monroe 59 Red; Madison Beam Cedarcrest 58.5 Red; Makyala Wood Stanwood 57.5 Red; Kaitlyn Meissner Arlington 56 Red; Elsa Brauwer Cedarcrest 55 Red; Jon Monroe 49.5 White; Caitlyn Clark Monroe 48 White; Zach Wilson Stanwood 45.5 White; Kendra Mutch Cedarcrest 43.5 White; Sage Shearer Monroe 41.5 White; Jonathan Bernard Stanwood 38 White; Gracie Johnson Stanwood 37 White; Byron Cedarcarest 6 White; Megan Howard Monroe 33.5 White; Micah Mutch Cedarcrest 16 White.

The Food Science CDE is a contest that tests the students’ knowledge of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) as well as other areas of food safety, processing and preservation.

4H Pygmy Meat Goats

Outstanding Primary Showmen: Alison Bloedel, Arlington; Ryley Hoiosen, Arlington; Jack Wilson, Arlington; Junior Champion Showman: Grace Meyer, Monroe; Reserve Junior Champion Showman: Kaitlyn Morgan, Snohomish; Senior Champion Showman: Ashley Slemmons, Snohomish; Reserve Senior Champion Showman: Brittney Bachteler Harris, Everett; Grand Champion Pygmy Doe: Ashley Slemmons, Snohomish; Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Doe: Caroline Wuerch, Snohomish; Grand Champion Pygmy Wether: Grace Wilson,Arlington; Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Wether: Grace Meyer,Monroe.

FFA Meat Goat Show

Fitting and Showing: Senior: 1st place Kolton Ford, Arlington;2nd place Amanda Nemnich, Marysville; 3rd place Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood; Meat Goat Type Show: Junior Champion &Reserve Grand Champion: Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood; Reserve Junior Champion: Kolton Ford, Arlington; Senior Champion, Grand Champion &Supreme Animal: Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood; Reserve Senior Champion: Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood; Champion Boer Wether: Jonathan Bernard, Stanwood; Reserve Champion Wether: Amanda Nemnich, Marysville.

Open Class Needle Arts

Best of Show and Division winner: Summer Trusewell, Kirkland; Division Winners: Anne Beglau, Everett; Sandra Sifferman, Kirkland; Amelia Hansen, Everett; Beth Rice, Everett.

Open Class Lace, Knit and Crochet

Best of Show Knit: Barbara Simonds, Snohomish; Best of Show Runner Up Knit: Faith Castillo, Mukilteo; Best of Show Crochet: Jill Rosell, Redmond; Best of Show Runner Up Crochet: Kimberly Wilson, Kirkland; Best of Show Lace: Lauren Snyder, Snohomish.

FFA Swine Show

Fitting and Showing: Senior 1st place: Amanda Toth, Sedro Woolley; 2nd: Andrew Toth, Sedro Woolley; 3rd: Tarisa Toth, Sedro Woolley; Junior: Sarah Comstock, Stanwood; Novice: Morgan Clendenen, Monroe; Type Show: Champion Duroc: Andrew Toth, Sedro Woolley; Champion Spot: Amanda Toth, Sedro Woolley; Grand Champion Purebred Swine: Andrew Toth, Sedro Woolley; Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Swine: Amanda Toth, Sedro Woolley; Champion Crossbred Boar: Amanda Toth, Sedro Woolley; Champion Crossbred Female: Serah Comstock, Stanwood; Supreme Female: Andrew Toth, Sedro Woolley; Market Hog: 1st Amanda Toth, Sedro Woolley; 2nd Andrew Toth, Sedro Woolley.

FFA Beef Cattle Show

Fitting and Showing: Novice: Champion: Sam Salvadalena, Snohomish; Reserve Champion: Christian Rutten; Snohomish; 3rd place: Will Stevenson, Snohomish; Junior: Champion: Zach Wilson, Stanwood; Reserve: Gracie Johnson, Stanwood; 3rd Place: Misti Lybbert, Stanwood; Senior: Champion: Gen McKenzie, Snohomish; Reserve Champion: McKenna Ford, Arlington; 3rd Place: Ryan Hall, Snohomish; 4th Place: Chase Ruble, Snohomish.

FFA Beef Cattle Type

Angus Breed Champion, Angus Junior Champion,Zach Wilson, Stanwood; Shorthorn Cow/Calf Champion: Chase Ruble, Snohomish. Other Breeds Champion Bull Calf: McKenna Ford, Arlington; Other Breeds Calf Champion: Zach Wilson, Stanwood; Other Breeds Junior Champion: Zach Wilson, Stanwood; Other Breeds Champion: Zach Wilson, Stanwood; Other Breeds Cow/Calf Champion: Christian Rutten, Snohomish. Cross Breed Bull Calf Champion: Chase Ruble, Snohomish; Cross Breed Junior Champion: Zach Wilson, Stanwood; Cross Breed Senior Champion: Chase Ruble, Snohomish: Cross Breeds Breed Champion: Zach Wilson, Stanwood, Cross Breeds Cow/Calf Champion: Gen McKenzie, Snohomish. Supreme Champion Female: Zach Wilson, Stanwood. FFA Feeder Steers: Champion: McKenna Ford, Arlington; Reserve Champion: Sam Salvadalena, Snohomish.

4H Public Presentations

Senior Champion Illustrated Talks &Demonstrations, Katelyn Wiggins, Monroe.

4H Rabbits

Showmanship: Junior Novice: Champion, Maya Bennett, Redmond; Reserve Champion, Lizzy Magill, Duvall; Intermediate Novice: Champion, Kelson Moody, Snohomish; Reserve Champion, Jessica Hamilton, Stanwood; Senior Novice: Champion, Gracelyn Ross, Granite Falls; Reserve Champion, Paul Sires, Newcastle; Junior: Champion, Sarah Kovich, Bothell; Reserve Champion, Claire Prentice, Woodinville; High Blue, Gabby Wright, Woodinville; Intermediate: Champion, Grethe Steensgaard, Redmond; Reserve Champion, PJ Heusted, Bothell; High Blue, Presley Dewald, Bothell; Senior: Champion, Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Reserve Champion, Celine Vallieres, Bothell; High Blue, Kendall McIntyre, Lynnwood.


Teams: 1st Monroe 55; 2nd Cedarcrest 50; 3rd Stanwood 49; 4th Snohomish 45; 5th Marysville 36; Individuals (30 points Possible): Fiona Lyle, Monroe 19 Blue; Cheyennne Huitred, Monroe, 18, Blue; Alex Alldredge, Monroe, 18 Blue; Alice Ish, Cedarcrest 18 Blue; Morgan Meyers, Stanwood 18 Blue; Morgan Skoog, Monroe 17, Blue; Morgan Chendemen, Monroe, 16 Blue; Elsa Brauwer, Cedarcrest 16 Blue; Micah Mutch, Cedarcrest 16 Blue; Keira Foster, Stanwood 16 Blue; Sage Shearer, Monroe 15 Blue; Loryn Case, Monroe, 15 Blue; Kendra Mutch Monroe, 15 Blue; Zach Wilson, Stanwood 15 Blue; Karen Daza, Snohomish, 15 Blue; Rhaelyn Gastons, Snohomish, 15 Blue; Amber Beston, Marysville, 15 Blue; Nicole Hagens, Cedarcrest 14 Red; Emily Mataya, Monroe 13 Red; Allyson Corothers, Monroe, 13 Red; Mieke Vaness, Cedarcrest 13 Red; Megan Follett, Snohomish, 13 Red; Amanda Thannish, Monroe, 12 Red; Jon Cedarcrest 12 Red; Sandy Jones, Stanwood, 12 Red; Keely Gobin, Snohomish, 12 Red; David Bernard, Marysville, 12 Red; Mackenzie Barton, Monroe 11 Red; Elizabeth Bennett, Marysville, 11 Red; Annabelle Colley, Snohomish, 11 Red; Alex Akins, Snohomish, 11 Red; Amanda Bloomquiest, Snohomish, 11 Red; Chelsee Roberts, Stanwood 10 White; Gracie Johnson, Stanwood, 9 White; Larissa Ablutz, Monroe, 9 White; Nate Gorman, Snohomish, 6 white.

4H Dogs

Showmanship Reserve: Kaitlyn Price, Everett; Loren Ross, Snohomish; Showmanship High Blue: Linnea Graham, Marysville; Showmanship High Blue: Linnea Graham, Marysville; Showmanship Reserve: Marissa Knighton, Granite Falls; Showmanship Champion Sam Ketchem , Snohomish; Showmanship Reserve Crystal Merrill, Lynnwood; Showmanship Reserve Annie Zemouri ,Mountlake Terrace; Showmanship Champion Elvis Cavannagh, Seattle; Showmanship Reserve Sabrina Ayala, Mountlake Terrace; Showmanship Champion Selena Riston, Snohomish; Showmanship High Blue: Mishaela Knighton, Granite Falls; Showmanship Reserve: Madison Ketchem, Snohomish; Showmanship High Blue: Reilly Linzy, Snohomish; Showmanship Champion: Alex Nemecek, Bothell; Showmanship Reserve: Sadie Scott, Seattle; Showmanship Reserve: Madison Velasquez, Bothell; Showmanship High Blue: Maegan Velasquez, Bothell; Showmanship Champion: Ava LeBel, Bothell; Showmanship Champion: Rachel Smith, Snohomish; Showmanship Champion: Keely McGhie, Everett; Showmanship Reserve: Alexis Means, Arlington; Showmanship Champion: Kaylee Kapanowski, Mill Creek; Showmanship Champion: Sophia LeBel, Bothell; Showmanship Champion: Miriam Gold, Edmonds; Showmanship Reserve: Janelle Chamberlin, Bothell; Showmanship Reserve: Caroleve Axtelle, Edmonds; Showmanship Reserve: Shahntae Martinez, Everett; Showmanship Reserve: Ana Wilson, Mountlake Terrace; Showmanship Reserve: Genesis Kiehl, Monroe; Showmanship: Ruby Hendershot, Snohomish; Showmanship: Logan Jones, Marysville; Showmanship Champion: Anna Pearson, Snohomish; Showmanship Champion: Marissa Faust, Everett; Showmanship High Blue: Jordyn Seather-Brady, Shoreline; Showmanship Reserve: Olivia Yarnold, Shoreline; Showmanship Reserve: Makena Welsh, Edmonds; Showmanship Reserve: Joseph Armstrong, Snohomish; Showmanship Reserve: Hope Schleusner, Mountlake Terrace; Showmanship Champion: Keyrin Baker, Everett; Showmanship Reserve: Montana Baker, Everett; Showmanship Reserve: Sierra Baker, Everett; Showmanship High Blue: Isabell Faulds, Monroe; Showmanship Reserve: Sarah Noyes, Monroe; Showmanship Reserve: Katelynn Edgecombe, Snohomish; Showmanship Reserve: Cassidy McIntyre, Edmonds; Showmanship Champion: Taryn White, Edmonds; Showmanship Reserve: Celeste DuCharme, Shoreline; Showmanship High Blue: Emma Anderson, Snohomish; Showmanship Reserve: Serena Miewald, Bothell; Showmanship High Blue; Logan Kilgore, Bothell; Showmanship Reserve: Lauryn Newman, Everett; Showmanship Reserve: Austin King, Arlington; Showmanship High Blue: John Guo Lyman, Marysville; Showmanship Champion: Zoe Kilgore, Bothell; Showmanship Reserve: Allison Baker, Everett; Showmanship Champion: Briella Smith, Lynnwood.

FFA Fiber Division

Camelids: Champion Alpaca: Kolton Ford, Arlington FFA; Reserve Champion Alpaca: Kolton Ford, Arlington FFA; Champion Senior Fitting and Showing: Kolton Ford, Arlington FFA;

FFA Fiber Goats

Champion Fiber Goat: Kolton Ford, Arlington FFA; Champion Senior Fitting and Showing: Kolton Ford, Arlington FFA; Supreme Fiber Animal: Alpaca, Kolton Ford, Arlington FFA;

FFA Sheep

Fitting and Showing: Novice Fitting and Showing Champion: Myshayla Yost, Marysville FFA; Junior Fitting and Showing Champion: Micah Mutch, Cedarcrest FFA; Junior Fitting and Showing Reserve Champion: David Bennett, Marysville FFA; Senior Fitting and Showing Champion: Amanda Nemnich, Marysville FFA; Senior Fitting and Showing Reserve Champion: Elizabeth Bennett, Marysville FFA;


Senior Champion and Grand Champion Ladies Lead: Angelina Bennett, Marysville FFA.

4H Rabbits

Knowledge Bowl: Junior: Champion Team: Carissa Fieldson, Bothell; Hannah Gonsalves, Mount Lake Terrace; Abby Lundy, Brier; &Claire Prentice, Woodinville; Reserve Champion Team:, Tristan Goodwin, Lake Stevens; Amy Kovich, Bothell; Kilene Kovich, Maple Valley; &Sarah Kovich, Bothell; Intermediate: Champion Team:, Presley Dewald, Bothell; PJ Heustad, Bothell; Bailie Shultz, Renton; &Grethe Steensgaard, Redmond; Reserve Intermediate Team: Meghan Browne, Everett; Rebecca Clayton, Lynnwood; &Veronica Oberst, Everett; Senior: Champion Team: Kirsten Dovey, Bellevue; Kendall McIntyre, Lynnwood; Paul Sires, Newcastle; &Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Reserve Champion Team:, Clela Blacker, Bothell; Nicole Gallagher, Brier; Hannah McCaughan, Snohomish, &Lillie Ruiz, Gold Bar; Rabbit Demonstrations : Judge’s Choice:, Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Special Award , PJ Heusted, Bothell &Kendall McIntyre, Lynnwood; Merit , Nicole Gallagher, Brier; Premiere Exhibitor: Junior: Sarah Kovich, Bothell; Intermediate: PJ Heusted, Bothell; Senior: Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Club Decorations: Best Overall Club Decoration: Greensleeves, Maltby; Reserve Club Decoration:, Velveteen Rabbits, Monroe; Creative Award:, Eastside Rabbits &Cavies, Issaquah; Award of Excellence:, Wild N Woolies, Lynnwood; Special Award: Blue Chips, Marysville; Merit Award: Eighteen Toes, Monroe; Merit Award: Puget Paws, Redmond; Merit Award:, Hoofs &Paws, Duvall; Program Awards: Sheila , “Rabbit Leader of the Year”: Shelly Nordholm, Snohomish; Skucy, “Rabbit Member of the Year”: Celine Vallieres, Bothell; Medals Program: Gold: Kendal McIntyre, Lynnwood; Sarah Kovich, Bothell; Silver: Presley Dewald, Bothell; PJ Heustad, Bothell; Veronica Oberst, Everett; Amelia Wright, Woodinville; Bronze: Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Chloe Carpenter, Monroe; Nicole Gallagher, Brier; Alexis Maund, Carnation; Claire Prentice, Woodinville; Celine Vallieres, Bothell.

4H Public Presentations

Junior Champion, Illustrated Talks/Demonstrations: Brandon Becker, Nock and Fire Archery.

4H Cat Showmanship

JR. Grand Champion: Hanna Brotherton, Granite Falls; Res. Champion: Ella Hallman-Luhn, Woodinville; Intermediate Grand Champion: Karli Eldore, Tacoma; Res. Champion: Sarah Hallman-Luhn, Woodinville; SR. Grand Champion: Amy Pratt, Snohomish; Res. Grand Champion: Blake Priestley, Everett.

4H Type Class

Best of Show: Hanna Brotherton, Granite Falls; Purebred Shorthair Champion: Blake Priestley, Everett; Res Champion: Ella Hallman-Luhn,Woodinville; Senior Cat Champion: Amy Pratt, Snohomish; Res Champion: Emily Smith, Everett; Household Pet Longhair Champion: Ayla Jensen, Arlington; Res. Champion: Ella-Kate Pierce, Everett; Household Pet Shorthair Champion: Emily Smith, Everett; Res Champion: Amy Pratt, Snohomish; Kitten Champion: Hannah Brotherton, Granite Falls; Res Champion: arah Hallman-Luhn, Woodinville.

4H Public Presentations:

Senior Champion, Impromtu Talks: Kaitlyn Price, Everett; Senior Reserve Champion, Impromtu Talks: Shay Stenchever, Sultan; Intermediate Champion, Impromtu Talks: Destiny Williams, Snohomish; Intermediate Reserve Champion, Impromtu Talks: Zoe Kilgore, Bothell; Intermediate Creative Award Impromtu Talks: Kara Anderson, Arlington; Intermediate Judge’s Choice, Impromtu Talks: Chloe Carpenter, Monroe; Intermediate Award of Excellence, Impromtu Talks: Karli Eldore, Tacoma; Intermediate Award of Excellence, Impromtu Talks: Thadius Ramsey, Granite Falls; Intermediate Merit Award, Impromtu Talks: Madeline Sybertz, Marysville Junior Champion, Impromtu Talks: Hannah Brotherton, Granite Falls; Junior Reserve Champion, Impromtu Talks: Logan Kilgore, Bothell; Junior Creative Award, Impromtu Talks: Alyssa Heusted, Bothell; Junior Award of Excellence, Impromtu Talks: Makenzie Bunt, Snohomish; Junior Award of Excellence, Impromtu Talks: Ryan Ramsey, Granite Falls; Primary Outstanding Award, Impromtu Talks: Esperansa Ramsey, Granite Falls.

Open Class Floriculture

Horticulture Sweepstakes: Faith Lewis, Kirkland; Design Sweepstakes: Jan Weakley, Arlington; Chairman’s Award: Martha Moore, Monroe; Creative Award: Cecile Culp, Bellevue; Outstanding Exhibitor: Marcia Sumner, Bothell; Class Winners Roses: Mike Peterson, Renton; Cathy Gitchel, Arlington; Launita Garceau, Renton; Most Fragrant Rose: Cathy Gitchel, Arlington; Best of Show Rose: Mike Peterson; Class Winner of Show: Larry Sawyer, Anacortes; Award of Excellence Rose: Launita Garceau, Renton; Merit Award: Abbi Everest, Monroe; Best of Division Potted: Corky Savoie, Lake Stevens; Horticulture Excellence: Davi Martin, Gold Bar; Special Award: Mary Everest, Monroe; Best Table Presentation: Dawn Defrece, Snohomish; Best of Division Hanging: Faith Lewis, Kirkland; Award of Excellence Design: Jan Weakley, Arlington.

Open Class Draft Horses

Clydesdale Brood Mare: Alan Manning, Custer; 1 Year old Clydesdale Stallion: Mike Sardinia, Clayton; Grand Champion Mare: Mike Sardinia, Clayton; Conformation 4 Hitch: Scott Hamstra, Lynden; Heavy Draft Team: Scott Hamstra, Lynden; Men’s Cart: Scott Hamstra, Lynden; 6 Horse Conformation: Scott Hamstra, Lynden; Unicorn Hitch: Jeff Hamstra, Lynden; Ladies Cart: Kari Van Loo, Lynden; 8 Horse Hitch: Scott Hamstra, Lynden; 6 Horse Driving: Alan Manning, Custer; Purebred Mares: Mike Sardinia, Clayton; Amateur 4 Hitch: Julie VandeKamp, Custer; Light Team: Jeff Hamstra, Lynden; Tandem: Ryan Hamstra, Lynden.

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