Goats now legal in Lynnwood

  • Tue Jun 24th, 2014 8:57pm
  • News

By Brenna Holland Herald Writer

LYNNWOOD — The Lynnwood City Council has approved an ordinance that allows residents to own as many as three miniature goats. Breeds include pygmy, Nigerian dwarf and pygora.

The ordinance, passed June 23, was championed by Councilman Ian Cotton.

The city allows goats under these conditions:

A maximum of three goats, with the exception of a mother goat and kids.

Goat waste must be properly disposed of.

Goats may not be slaughtered on the premises.

Goats are determined to be miniature by height and weight, not breed.

Adult goats shall not exceed 30 inches in height.

The goats must weigh less than 100 pounds.

The lot must be at least 7,200 square feet.

All goats must be de-horned.

Male goats must be neutered.

Goats older than 12 weeks must be annually licensed, just like dogs.

The ordinance notes that goats are herd animals and are more likely to be happy if they have a goat friend.