Dog recovering after accidental dragging on hunting trip

  • Fri Oct 9th, 2009 11:25pm
  • News

Associated Press

WALLA WALLA — A family’s beloved dog is recovering from gruesome injuries sustained when it was accidentally dragged by a pickup truck during a camping trip.

Jason Bond of Kennewick told the Walla Wall Union-Bulletin that his dog Tank’s leash had become entangled on his friend’s truck sometime during the night. When the friend left to go hunting before sunrise, he didn’t see that Tank was tangled.

The friend drove with Tank behind him for a mile or two.

Tank was rushed to the veterinarian’s office, where he was treated. He is expected to recover.

Bond says he selling several of his family’s prized possessions, including two horses and a 1966 Ford Bronco to pay for the rising veterinarian fees — now at $5,000.

Bond says Tank is more than a pet and would walk his daughter to her school bus stop every morning, and would welcome the family whenever they’d go out.

The Associated Veterinary Medical Center in Walla Walla is accepting donations to pay for Tank’s medical bills.