In the blotters: Not-missing cats and naughty neighbors

  • Thu Jul 5th, 2012 4:56pm
  • News

By Rikki King

Here’s a roundup of some of the funnier police blotter bits from around the county over the past few months. (Most) identifying details have been removed.

Two males under the influence were contacted after officers were dispatched to a loud party. One of the males decided to flee by attempting to swim across (Lake Stevens) at the city beach. The male got a few hundred yards out and decided it was best to come back to shore. Due to the males being intoxicated, aid was asked to assist to make sure the men were fit to be released. The men were transported back to where they were staying, and the scene was cleared without further incident.

Officers respond to the report of a vehicular assault. Once on scene, witnesses tell officers that a smaller car collided with a larger car while it was stopped at a stop sign. When the small car pulled in behind the large car, it rammed the large car two times. A female got out of the small car and started yelling at the male driver and female passenger in the large car. The female returned to her car and both vehicles drove off. Witnesses heard the female yelling at the male about being with another woman. No victims called 911 to report being assaulted with a vehicle.

A 27-year-old female was arrested for driving without a license in the third-degree. The female was pulled over during a traffic stop and given a warning for DWLS. Just a few minutes later, she was seen driving again. The female was cited with third-degree DWLS during the second contact.

The homeowner reported that a small raccoon was stuck between two boards of his fence. The officer assisted the homeowner in freeing the raccoon.

(The reporting party) wanted a phone call in reference to a possible identity theft. An officer contacted the (reporting party) by phone who was concerned because someone called her stating they saw her flier with her missing cat. (Reporting party) said her cat was not missing and was concerned why they were calling her and how they got her phone number. It appeared to be a case of the wrong number. The officer contacted the original caller by phone, who had called the (reporting party). She said she called the number on the lost cat flier.

Caller said that a drug transaction had just occurred because a neighbor had walked up the street and gotten into a car with some other people in it. The vehicle left, and the neighbor went back into the house. The caller later reported that the neighbor had taken off his shirt and was out in his yard with jeans and a hat on. Officer could not find anything suspicious going on.

Officer responded to the location for a parachute seen going into the water. The Mukilteo Fire Department requested officers to assist with traffic control. The parachute actually turned out to be balloons.

A son called the police to report his parents were arguing. The parents said they argued because the husband was talking to a female neighbor his wife disapproved of.

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