Issue statements from Jim McDermott, Ron Bemis

  • Mon Oct 15th, 2012 4:46pm
  • News

By Evan Smith

Voters in Edmonds, Woodway and the rest of the 7th Congressional District will choose in the Nov. 6 general election between 12-term Democratic incumbent Jim McDermott and Republican challenger Ron Bemis.

McDermott outpolled Bemis in the August primary with 71 percent of the vote to 15 percent for Bemis.

Here are issue statements from the two candidates:

Ron Bemis

No politician ‘owns’ a seat in Congress; the People do. Jim McDermott’s had his turn for 24 years, and we have massive debt burdens, trillion dollar deficits, high unemployment, high taxes, unfixed social security and medicare, hyper-partisan gridlock, neglect, and disconnect. Let him retire, and hire me.

I bring you a 35-year record of skills, experience and excellent results in law, business, education and public service leadership. He doesn’t, and he’s ineffective.

I’ll bring you independence over any party label, a work-together with everyone approach, and balanced, caring, pragmatic reforms for recovery, reform and results. He hasn’t.

I’ll respect your liberties and common interests over special interests, rein in overextended government here and abroad, and make legislation cost-effective. He doesn’t; his votes bury us in debt.

And he ducks debating me for even one hour about his high costs/low results and why I’ll be your better representative. See

Jim McDermott

All elections are important, but the choices we make in this year’s contest are crucial for the future of our country. We face daunting challenges in so many areas – and how we respond to them will set our course for many years to come. The turmoil and uncertainty of the last few years has taken a difficult toll on too many Americans. Now we must take bold action to restore the vitality of our country and the promise of our future. Representing Washington’s 7th District in the Congress is a great privilege and a grave responsibility. I ask for your support now to continue that work as a strong and thoughtful voice for progressive change.

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