Man ordered held in contempt in May Day protests

  • Fri Dec 14th, 2012 6:07pm
  • News

Associated Press

SEATTLE — A fourth person has been held in contempt for refusing to say what he knows about those who participated in Seattle’s May Day protests.

The Seattle Times reports that U.S. District Judge Richard Jones of Seattle allowed Matthew Pfeiffer, 23, of Olympia, to remain free on Friday, but he must surrender to federal authorities Dec. 26. He’ll be held until he agrees to testify or until a Seattle federal grand jury expires. That could take as long as 18 months.

The grand jury is hearing evidence about a group of so-called anarchists that law enforcement blames for much of the violence and vandalism during the protests.

The other three went to jail rather than testify under immunity. Leah Lynn Plante, of Portland, has since been released. Katherine Olejnik and Matthew Duran remain in custody.