Marriage Licenses

GRIFFIN, Timothy William Carboneau and BLACK, Sharon Kathleen

HINTON, Joseph Glenn and PESACRETA, Gina Marie

ALEXANDER, Ryan Seth and STANFORD, Cristy Leigh

VELO, Gilmen Ar III and JOHNSON, Shawna Marie

LADWIG, Justin Ray and SCHOOF, Amber Lynn

ELLIS, Travis Amando and BRITSCH, Nicole Renae

JOHNSON, Jeffery Erik and FOSTER, Robin Melony

JOHAL, Gurpreet Singh and HEER, Harjeet

BROWN, Jason Henry and INGRAM, Jeanne Adair

HARTLEY, Travis Wescott and McCARTHY, Kathryn Frances

VANN, Joel Warren and SAYES, Lauren Louise

SOBANA, Ali and STEFFEE, Evelyn Agnes

MATHESON, Roger Lee and BEEBE, Jaime Lynn

BROCK, Jeremiah James and BANKS, Jillian Deann

FORTYGIN, Paul Aleksandrovich and NESTERENKO, Kristina Yevgenivna

DONNELLY, Matthew Paul and ELLINGTON, Carly Lynn

KERNEN, Bennie Eugene and MOHN, Bethany Ann

MORRISON, Tyler James and BRUMBLE, Amie June

MELENDEZ, Juan Fernando and CARTER, Germaine Nicole

BROUGHTON, Blair Robert and NEWMAN, Laura Lynn

CRUMP, Jonathan Brandon and VERHOEVEN, Stacie Marie

SCHELL, Scott Anthony and GASTON, Julia Romualda Locsin

KINKADE, Ronald Wesley Jr. and ARSETH, Martha Jane

HELBACKA, Christopher John and BALASCIO, Laura Michelle

METZ, Daniel Newton and McKINNEY, Catherine Louise

MOODY, Kevin Michael and LEHAN, Melissa Marie

BLAIR, Joseph Patrick and MYERS, Candice Marie

ROBERTS, James Joseph and TADOKORO, Amelia Villafuerte

SOUKUP, Joseph Stephen and VARO, Amanda May

HEAD, Alex Gregory and CRUM, Victoria Lynn

DOWNS, Keith Allen and TOWERY, Danniel Ann

ENGEL, John Fredrick and WANNAPUT, Prapatsorn

KLETT, Jason Robert and STRIPLIN, Monica Faith

CRUZ, Travis George and DUMKE, Danielle Christine

NICHOLS, Cameron Darrell and MINIKEN, Kate Michele

RAMEY, David Anthony and MURPHY, Michelle Marie

BETZ, Justin Michael and FRYE, Marisa Karin

TILSON, James Curtis and BRUAW, Kerri Mae

HALL, Richard Wade and ALCIDE, Joyce Theresa

MORGENROTH, Jeffrey Adam and ALBERTUS, Mariah Rayne

WARREN, Matthew Robert and FREEMANTLE, Angela Jean

HEITKAMP, Kyle Matthew and GUZZO, Lindsay Marie

WHITE, Jason Dale and DOUIN, Jessica Amber

DARROW, Scott Russell and CLAWSON, Caroline Elizabeth

PALMER, John Edward and FAST, Tina Aileen

MOORE, Jason Robert and MCHALE, Mary Allana

LEMOI, David Eugene and MANHEIMER, Cheryl Diane

MARTIN, Jeremy Daniel and WILLIAMS, Andrea Lee

DE’SCHEUQUETTE, Kenneth Myron and PETERS, Pamela Joy

WRIGHT, David Hamlin and LIRA, Anna Cristina

STOUT, William Terry and MARRIOTT, Rebecca Ann

OWENS, Jeffrey Christopher and MIRACLE, Sheena Marie

KALLES, Corey Kyle and McNETT, Shara Juelle

MAHGOUB, Hassan Abdelrahman and OUN, Hayam Salaheldin

HAVLICK, Matthew John and QUIROZ, Millie Danielle

RUMMEL, Robin O. and CASAGRANDE, Maryse Juliette

WEAVER, Tracey Gene and GREGORY, Kelly Marie

ROBBINS, Niles Riley-Wallace and WHITE, Jessica Brandy

HUDDLESTON, Richard Leroy and PAPLOW, Jerolyn Kay

DANELO, Matthew Tony and NGUYEN, Linda Hanh

DAVYDENKO, Pavel Valerievich and BELIAK, Nataliya Igorevna

CLITES, Jeremy Jason and LUARK, Courtney

CORBIN, Eric Andrew and GRASSER, Katie Lynn

MOORE, David Allen and BALCH, Tamara Jean

ROGERS, Edward and AMONLES, Henriette Agossi

EVANS, Earl Elmer and HAHN, Heather Lynn

WRIGHT, Evan James and LEYBOURNE, Jessica Anne

HOFFMAN, Richard Daniel and OGDEN, Denise Dawn

VANDENBERGHE, Benjamin Issac and CODER, Nora Katherine

HANSON, Kenneth Lyle and WATKINS, Jennifer Jo

SOM, Robert Richard and LEE, Jennifer Hyun

WICK, Bradlee Ryan and BEHLA, Karlene Suzanne

SHELL, James Oliver II and JOHNSON, Jessica Renee

SCHOFIELD, Michael Joeseph and McRAE, Shirley Jean

SMITH, Michael Beckwith and ANDERSON, Jill Kathleen

FARRELLY, Jon Carr and EVERT, Gail Rebecca

OUM, Souannarith and NOVE, Navy

GORELYY, Andrey Alekseyevich and GONCHAR, Kateryna Vasilyevna

MIRANDA, Jaime Camarillo and ROLDAN-VARGAS, Maria D.

DENHAM, Joseph Devine and JORGENSEN, Corissa Lynne

PIERCE, Aaron Scott and BOWER, Amanda Marie

CROOT, Robert Thomas and FOSSATI, Betsy Rae

SMITH, Charles James and TENNISON, Diana Lynn

GALVEZ-ULLOA, Jose and KHEM, Sokthy

GORNEY, Chad Michael and SOUTHWELL, Ashley Marie

HATVANY, Joseph Stephan and YURK, Amy Susanne

HOLMBERG, Jonathan Joseph and DOLAN, Shanti Ananda

ARREOLA, Enrique Javier and McPHERSON, Kelly Lorene

TRAN, Richard Francois and NGUYEN, Tuquynh Viet

ALDOS, Arnold Agullana and LESTER, Leila Nicole

WARD, Jared Shane and CUPLER, Vadna Rae

BURROWS, Peter Roy and SHINN, Kelly Leanne

DENHERDER, Gerald Wayne and BINWAG, Lolita Nidogma

BROWN, Daron Lee and NOE, Darci Renae

CHICOINE, Pierre-Luc and LOTURCO, Ann Kathryn

WILLIAMS, Michael Eugene and ANDERSON, Paulencia Kay

MOORE, Merle Addison Clyde and CERVANTES, Nicole Francisca

WYANT, Matthew William and MACKAY, Shannon Elizabeth

GERLACH, Jason Matthew and MARTINEZ-GARCIA, Rosa Maria

HANSON, Nicholas David and MITCHELL, Kathleen Marie

BOLOTIN, Valeriy Valeriyvich and COSTILLA, Lizet

COLLINS, Ronald Ray and ARNOLD, Stacy Noelle

HANSEN, Scott Michael and BOWEN, Emily Paulette

GEIGER, Richard Lowell and MARTIN, Selena Raechelle

HUGHES, Chad William and GRAHAM, Shantelle Jean

JAGANA, Muhammadou and PATTERSON, Molly Opal

ALVARADO, Michael David and CUNNINGHAM, Ashley Marie

GRAVES, Jeremy Daniel and STEWART, Saara Linne

MAYFIELD, Keven Eugene and ROBINETT, Erin Lorene

JOHNSON-HICKS, Brandon Ashley and GRONNING, Tamra Lou

NUSBAUM, Jeremiah Michael and SHIREV, Amy Lynn

JACOBO, Romero Marco Antonio and READ, Madelyn Diane

MUSTARD, Joshua Raymond and HINES, Camille Tanya-Amanda

BOYCE, Bryan Howard and ROBERGE, Angela Dolores

DAVIS, Christopher William and KENNEDY, Donna Michelle

BROGGEL, David Daniel and BERECZ, Isabella Flavia

SCHOENING, Greg William and SNYDER, Dana Lynne

TUCKER, William Adrian Jr. and REINBOLD, Kirsten Lee

CARMEAN, Matthew Lee and HEMBREE, Callie Anne Marie

KLOSS, Gerald Lee and WASKEY, Elizabeth Vera

WELDON, Steven Jeremy and LABORDE, Britney Aireal

McCOY, Brandon Dean and PALMER, Carrime Ann

STEVENS, Kevin Boyd and CRAWFORD, Rachel Sue

KNIGHT, Barton Russell and NOBLE, Laura Lee

EMERY, Marc Lynn and KING, Myloe Drane

TEALL, Christopher John and GLODOWSKI, Shana Rai

McNULTY, Stephen Anthony and BEAS-CASTILLO, Maria-De-La-Luz Del-Carmen

FURLONG, Christopher Reed and OLSEN Catherine Elizabeth

ENFIELD, Donald Eugene Jr. and STONE, Christina Lee

NIES, Trent Arthur and SORENSON, Sharon Lee

LIBBY, Steven Richard and JUAREZ, Yessenia

MOORE, Kevin John and BARTON, Brittany Lee

BUI, Frank Anh Dung and NGUYEN, Jennifer Tran

McFARLANE, Robert Howard Jr. and ALDRED, Rebecca Ann

JONES, Jacob Andrew and CARSON, Whitney J.

KLINKERS, Seth James and TORICK, Kimberly Lynn

HOLZERLAND, Wesley Dean and KARIM, Bonnie Lou

CHAFFEE, Stuart Jasper and LEITER, Casey Ann

MORGAN, James Colby Jr. and WATTS, Megan Rene

AN, Sung Hoon and NAMKOONG, Joohee

JARVIS, Joshua Ryan and ISRAEL, Amy Beth

ORSO, Anthony Nathan and AGNEW, Traci Marie

WALTY, William Roy Jr. and FLOYD, Michelle Louise

HERETH, Peter Theodore and ODLAND, Camille Marie

SPIELHAGEN, William David and SCHAFER, Karen Rebecca

FRAUENHOLTZ, James Edward and WILLIE, Julie Anne

LITZINGER, John Clay and THOMPSON, Linda Ann

HEISE, Roland Fritz and SLOVEK, Catherine Ann

CARDENAS-BARRERA, Juan Gabriel and CARDENAS, Angela Michelle

HENDRICKSON, Ryan David and BRUMBAUGH, Janelle Rosanne

MACKENZIE, Daniel Murdock and BUZARD, Gina Lynn

FUNAKOSHI, Kyle Munchiro and CERERA, Valerie Santiago

NEUFFER, Cronan Patrick and SMITH, Christine Lanette

More in Local News

Snohomish man, 63, missing from home since Monday

He left without his keys, wallet and phone, saying something about going to “the river.”

Firefighters come to the rescue and give mom new stroller

Donations to the Good Neighbor Program covered the $143.20 cost.

He drank nearly a gallon of vodka, then grabbed a cop’s gun

He got pummeled for that. Police had been trying to keep him on a gurney for an ambulance ride.

Police seek witnesses to hit-and-run

An 88-year-old woman was hurt when a Prius turned right at an intersection and struck her walker.

Man killed in collision near Highway 92 identified

Kristofor Nordgren, of Lake Stevens, was driving his Subaru when it hit atruck and a Ford Focus.

Case unresolved: The noose at an Edmonds construction site

Though two were fired over comments about it, police were unable to determine who put it there.

To get drug money, Lynnwood man says he cut 911 wires

Those wires happened to be the ones used by 911 dispatchers, but emergency services weren’t affected.

February trial set for suspect in deadly Marysville shooting

There had been questions about Wayne Alpert’s mental health.

Fatal car crash reported on Highway 92 near Lake Stevens

The 3 p.m. accident and investigation stopped traffic in both directions near Machias Road.

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