Marriage licenses

  • Thu Dec 15th, 2011 2:33pm
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FERGUSON, Brandon and MOY, Linsi Doone

RODRIGUEZ, Roblero Wilfrido and MANGELS, Shannon Leigh

POLLARD, Cory Matthew and LEVACK, Nichole Katrina

WEINER, William Robert and PARENT, Shelly Renee

BOHANNON, Kyle George and DONEGAN, Jennifer Anne

SHERMAN, Vernon Virgil and WILSON, Leah Marie

BELL, Curtis Jay and MILES, Kelly Jo

WETZEL, Jon Lamar and WINDON, brandy Rochell

WEEWIE, Cole James and ECKREM, Lisa Breanne

McGRATH, James Gordon and RAMMAGE, Riannah Elizabeth

HOPPES, Ryan William and JOHNSON, Leah Caryn

WAMMACK, Tracy Lee and FUHRMAN, Breanna Marie

JAYNES, Michael Lawrence and HEBERT, Deseree Jean

HERNANDES, Margarito Tellez and HOWLETT, Lydia Ruth

McINTOSH, Dale Keith, Jr. and BATES, Doris Louise

URDAHL, Nathan Thomas and CLARK, Erin Rene

LOPEZ OCAMPO, Hector David and URIBE, Belen

WANG, Sheng Wei and CHAO, Wei-Chieh

HENDERSON, Craig Lewis and FORSELL, Cassie Lee

DOOLITTLE, Vincent Michael and TRANA, Sara Elisabeth

VOSS, Ricky Leonard and BAZZELL, Casey Lynn

RAY, Ryan Joseph and MERRITT, Molly Caitlyn

YEVERINO, Amador Jesus and WOOLETT, Cheryl Jeanne

NORMAN, Robert Allen and NORMAN, Rhonda Marie

ROZELLE, Ryan Allan and HUNTER, Twyla Elizabeth

ANTONIO, Alberto Fuerte and ALVER, Maria Teresa Abelido

RECORD, Christopher Allen and COMPLETADO, Jocelyn Aliawan

DAM, Long Ha and DAM, Maryanne Tienbui

BRANT, Curtis Freeman and STITES, Jenny Marie

CAMPBELL, Forrest Henry and SHARMAN, Rene Marie

BANNAVONG, Boris and HIKOE, Germy Viddyla

FLEISCHBEIN, Mark Alan and TENZLER, Flora Ann

TRAN, Binh Tuan and CHAN, Wai Ying

LAMB, Stephen Paul and BOCK, Brandi Nicole

DARLING, Charles Alvin and DARLING Cecilia Josephine

KLEYLA, Ward Edward, Jr. and BOWELL, Heather Jo

TIBBETTS, Erich Anthany and OCHELTREE, Carolyn Mattke

KIMBERLING, Anthony Jay and McGHEHEY, Maryann

SEXSON, Anthony Raymond and TURNER, Cassandra Jean

YODER, Chadwick Eugene and COZBY, Katie Louise

BARLOW, Travis Ronald and VALVERDE JIMENEZ, Julieth Dahiana

PRUDNICK, Tyler James and COBB, Hannah Elizabeth

LAGRONE, Snapper James and THOMPSON, Liana Marissa

PETER, Sandip and SHINY


BENTEM, Joseph Loren and BENSON-MUNGER, Taylor Jenell

GADDY, Dylan Joshua and SCAVOTTO, Allyson Nichol

BOYD, Jacob Daniel and BAER, Sirena Lou