Marriage licenses

EDWARDS Neil Christopher and COMPTON, Maria Susan Jovellanos

WILSON, Eric William and SCHMIDT, Shanynn Milinda

BEITEL, Herbert George and PORTER, Sandra Lynne

BRETTELL, Jeffrey Scott and DRAPER, Tina Marie

THOMAS, Floyd Ethan and KELLY, Catherine Ann

WYSONG, Randall Jon and EVERETT, Cherrish Bodette

LAPOINT, Jason Allen and JOHNSON, Kristine Marie

GUSTAFSON, Vernon Robert and USKOSKI, Donna Colleen

HUBBARD, Richard Adam and GRAYBILL, Krista Rae

HARRINGTON, Robert Nolan, III and ANINON, Sheila Gerona

SCHREIBER, Greg and DANIELS, Hillary

SCOTT, Dustin Alan and CROMMETT, Kacie Marie

PAWLAK, Scott Anthony Sun-Jin and GRUBER, Amanda Erin

CLAMPITT, Erik Matthew and HAWORTH, Amanda Saren

ROY, Roderick Vimal and TAUKAVE, Michelle Curleen

MURPHY, Michael Frances and LOTZGESELL, Marie Jean

HILES, Todd Harold and SHELLENBERGER, Kalyn Victoria

KOVALEV, Leonid Vladimer and SHTAREVA, Lyubov Ilinichna

BENITEZ, Eduardo Lucas and DE LOS SANTOS, Niczi

PAGE, Larry Stanley and STURDEVANT, Joanna Jean

PIRONE, Louis Francis and ROTHENBERG, Jo Linda

MILLER, Donal C. and McINTOSH, Pauline A.

CASADOS, Gabriel and DAVIS, Jennifer Lynn

MILSTED, Michael Jon, Sr. and ELIASSEN, Vikki Ann

GILBERT, Donald Byron and TRI, Darlene Mae

PARK, Sang Won and HA, Soo Jin

MEAD, David Gregory and KEITH, Breezy Armanda Jonquil

RAMIREZ, Adrian Javier and TRUJEQUE, Socorro Molina

ODAKA, Jeremy Kaimi Kekaimalu and BAKER, Kananiokalani Star

RUSSELL, Robert Eugene and EDWARDS, Sylvia Sergieff

DOYLE, Jerome Everett and BRIGGS, Caryn Jean

WINN, Robert John and PENDLETON, Suzanne Marie

CYNKAR, Anthony Isaac and NORTHAM, Angela Reams

DUFFY, David Michael and DURACK, Bridget Patrice

SILVA, Filho Edgard Da Gama and ALESSI, Cintia Luisa

WENTZ, Phillip Earl and WYCKOFF, Brandi Michelle

FREE, Laird Charles and SMITH, Carmen Alisa

SCHWEGLER, Jonathan Michael and ELLESTAD, Jennifer Jean

ADAMS, Jason Richard and MANNI, Misti Dawn

BINCKLEY, Leif Eric and HAYES, Jennifer Marie

FARRELL, Jonathan David and McGINNESS, Brittney Anne

DRISCOLL, Jeremy Aaron and FENTON, Amanda Louise

THOMPSON, Justin Mark and SLATER, Heather Rachelle

GIGER, Willie James and VANDENBRINK, Rebecca Louise

KOBERNIK, Gerad Scot and CHUDNOFSKY, Anastassia Renee

JOHNSON, Steele Arthur and SPADACCINI, Bodstein Laura Andrea

SUNDHEIM, Keith Allen and THOMAS, Tamara Allisa

NOOT, Bernard Eugene and NOOT, Valena Ann

DAVID, Travis Brandon and ALLEN, Bernadette Christene

BURNS, James Andrew and CANARY, Angela Lee

HAZEL, William Joel and HECKMAN, Autumn Beth

MARINO, Martin David Alexander and KENNEDY, Susan Lei-Anne

MAZANEK, Lee Douglas and OLSON, Aimee Marie

CONNER, Benjamin Dean and VANHEE, Brittany Renee

PAWLAK, Eric Randall and WHITTEN, Jennifer Loucks

MAXWELL, Travis Anthony and SADDLER, Melissa Nicole

SUMNER, Eric Lauren and RODRIGUEZ-JIMENEZ, Margarita

YOUNG, David Anthony and YOUNG, Karen Helen

KIDD, David Joseph and McREYNOLDS, Brianna Louise

URBICK, Jared Anthony and VASILYEVA, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

DAYS, Adam Lloyd and WARREN, Amy Rebecca

ROLLINS, Brian Daniel and LEMAR, Elana Renee

CASTLEMAN, Gary Melton and BANANA, Flordeluna Casino

HALL, Robert Neil and DE BOLT, Gail Dianne

ORMISTON, Rod James and NOREN, Jamey Love

JOHNSON, Aaron Lee and JUDY, Jonelle Marie

ALVERS, Kenny Glen and KOHL-CARRELL, Linda Lou

EVANS, Justin Peter and FORREST, Angela Jean

CANFIELD, Kirk Gilman and OLSEN, Michelle Nicole

GARLINGTON, Billy Joe and FRAZIER, Grace Lydia

STEEB, Brandon Victor and VOLKMANN, Jamie Rachelle

PENNINGTON, Jon Franklin and PENNINGTON, Melissa LeAnne

CHAPA, Mark Anthony and MODICA, Michele Rae

YOAKUM, William Robert and JOHNSON, Angela Deanne

LINDER, John Nathan and CATALANO, Jeanne Antonia

FRANCIS, Benjamin James and STANCEL, Mary Ann

LOSEY, Seth Kyle and RIMKUS, Julie Christin

ATWOOD, Brandon Eugene and STARR, Lacey Nicole

NEAL, Travis Alan and LAWRENCE, Megan Jane

TRAN, Kayley Thao and VO, Dang Huu Quoc

LIN, Teddy Wei-Chih and ARANAS, Joanna Paula Espiritu

HARSH, Jeramiah Karlan and BURGESS, Jessica Lynn

GARRETT, Adam Alexander and HATHAWAY, Mary Christine

DIBBLE, Craig Richard and SCHULZE, Amy Gaylene

FISHER, Christian Colmon and TALOFF, Molly Maegan

ELDER, Ryan Alan and WALLACH, Wendy Marie

SHANNAHAN, Andrew Gordon and GARGAN, Misty Renae

TAYLOR, Roger Bruce and BERGGREN, Rebel Elaine

RIEMAN, Brandon Scott and STOLLE, Kimberly Marie

HANSEN, Derek Andrew and PFEIFER, Andrea Michelle

NGUYEN, Hoa Minh and NGUYEN, Bich Hop Thi

CENTER, Troy Antony and BURCH, Stephanie Kathleen

CHACHULSKI, Paul Fredrick and HELFERICH, Molly Rose

BOGAN, James Michael and GRUBL, Joan Francis

KINGSFORD, Ronald Daniel and HARTLAND, Andrea Gail

DILLERY, Russell Craig and SULIK, Laura Michelle

BELTER, Sean Michael and GELINAS, Tiffany Daneille

TORRES, Benjamin L. and MARTINEZ, Laura Mendoza

COREY, Richard Thomas and WILLIAMS, Rebecca Fay

MASHITA, Mark Western and SPECHT, Lindsay Kae

CHEW, Young Gwang and LIM, Hyun Me

HOSKINS, Dru David and HARMON, Kirsten Laureen

HURD, Anthony Lee, Jr. and VOGEL, Cassandra Janine

LECKENBY, William Edward and TRIPLETT, Rachel Sigourney

VINCENT, Dennis Jay and CHAU, Thuan Ngoc

ALSKOG, Nills Michael and SCOTT, Sarah Lynae

WARREN, Justin Ray and KREMA, Jessica Ann

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