McKenna says lower business costs will spur jobs

  • Tue May 1st, 2012 2:31pm
  • News

By Rachel La Corte Associated Press

OLYMPIA — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna is repeating his call to cut costs to small businesses, something he says will enable them to hire more workers.

McKenna released his “Jobs Plan 2.0” at a small business in Kent Tuesday morning. His recommendations include simplifying sale tax collection rules, saying the current system makes tax compliance complex and costly for small businesses. He repeated several ideas he first raised in November, including reviewing current business regulations in order to remove those he says are no longer necessary, allowing private competition alongside the current state-run workers compensation system, and increasing a business tax credit for businesses.

McKenna also says he wants to boost STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math, degree production to meet workforce needs, something his Democratic opponent, Jay Inslee has pushed for as well.