MLT council considers putting civic campus bond on April ballot

  • Mon Sep 10th, 2012 5:01pm
  • News

By Evan Smith Herald Writer

MOUNTLAKE TERRACE — Voters are likely to face another ballot measure for bonds to build a new civic campus.

City Council members discussed putting the measure on the April ballot at a Saturday morning work session, city manager John Caulfield said after the meeting.

The measure would be the same as one that fell short of the required 60 percent supermajority on the Aug. 7 primary ballot with nearly a 57 percent ‘yes’ vote.

The measure that failed in August was a scaled-back version of one that failed in November 2010, with 47 percent of the vote. It went from a $37.5 million proposal to about $25 million.

Caulfield said that council members discussed possible ways to scale back the proposal further but said that the only things mentioned were very small.

The measure would build a new city hall and police station. The city has been leasing space since the roof collapsed on the old city hall in 2008.

Caulfield said that council members heard advice that a November 2013, ballot measure would have the best chance to pass but added that most council members didn’t want to wait that long.

The council has until February to take action to put a measure on the April ballot.

Cities, school districts and other government entities can send propositions to voters in February, April, August and November.

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