Monroe robbery suspect gives victim enough clues to ID him

  • Mon Oct 31st, 2011 10:22pm
  • News

By Eric Stevick Herald Writer

EVERETT — He probably wasn’t the brightest person ever chased by Monroe police.

A robbery suspect who allegedly demanded money from a Monroe teen at knife point provided plenty of leads.

The Monroe man, 19, reportedly shared his first name and home town with his victim and also mentioned that he was mad at the police for recently arresting him for possessing burglary tools.

The suspect also was wearing a shirt that failed to cover his unique tattoo: a tribal design featuring the words “Felony Intent,” according to court papers.

The pair met for the first time Oct. 21 on a bus headed from Gold Bar to Monroe, police reports said.

The suspect boarded the bus and sat next to the 17-year-old and struck up a conversation.

The teen told police the suspect followed him when he got off the bus and threatened him with a knife on East Main Street. He said he was terrified and thought he was going to be stabbed, according to police reports. The teen handed over $50, birthday money from his dad.

On the bus beforehand, the suspect reportedly introduced himself as “Ryan” and said he was on his way home to Monroe. He mentioned that he recently had been arrested for having a metal file in his possession, an item police believed was a burglary tool.

A Monroe police officer who took the robbery report remembered a conversation with another officer who had arrested someone named Ryan for possession of burglary tools on Oct. 16, officers wrote in an affidavit to establish probable cause for the robbery arrest.

The other officer told him that he found a file and shaved keys on the suspect and that the “Ryan” in that case was a prolific vehicle prowler.

When the teen described a tattoo on the suspect’s forearm, the officer remembered that the man he had in mind had a similar tattoo and was known to live in Monroe.

Police researched records indicating the suspect had been arrested a few days earlier for possession of burglary tools. The officer soon showed a photo of the suspect to the teen who reportedly said, “Wow, that’s him,” and, “How did you do that?”

The officer also checked with the Snohomish County Jail where corrections officers provided a photo of a tattoo on the suspect. The tattoo matched the victim’s description.

The suspect was arrested for investigation of the robbery on Friday after being stopped by police as they were investigating an unrelated burglary.

Monroe police had received a report of a home break-in in the 17500 block of 150th St. SE.

The suspect was spotted a few blocks away, riding a bicycle.

“He was stopped riding away with a blue laundry basket full of suspicious items,” Monroe police spokeswoman Debbie Willis said.

As for the alleged get-away bike?

“They are checking the serial number,” Willis said. “It was ground off. There was only a partial (number).”

An Everett District Court judge on Monday ordered the man held on $50,000 bail.

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