Mukilteo police talk suicidal man off train tracks

  • Fri Dec 30th, 2011 7:57pm
  • News

By Eric Stevick Herald Writer

MUKILTEO — The situation was dicey and words were the officers’ best tool.

Police in Mukilteo talked a reportedly suicidal man with a knife off the railroad tracks Thursday.

“The officers responding to the call did an excellent job,” Mukilteo Police Chief Rex Caldwell said.

The man, 51, called 911 to report he’d cut himself and was hoping to get hit by a train, according to police records.

While officers were en route, the man called back to say he was on the railroad tracks and was going to lie down.

The officers called dispatchers around 8:15 a.m. to alert Burlington Northern-Sante Fe to halt train traffic.

They spotted the man on a stretch of tracks near Second Street and Park Lane.

They made their way down an embankment and through wet blackberry vines where they found the man on the railroad tracks.

“He was kneeling over the knife, contemplating stabbing himself while waiting for the train,” Caldwell said.

One officer watched for trains as two others approached the man.

The officers were able to convince him to put down the knife and get him off the tracks.

The man was led to a parking lot where a fire department aid car took him to a hospital for mental health treatment.

The man was despondent over personal issues and had been drinking, police said.

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