No passenger trains north of Seattle until Friday

  • Wed Nov 21st, 2012 1:13pm
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Associated Press

SEATTLE — No passenger trains will run north of Seattle until Friday because of the danger of more mudslides hitting the tracks south of Everett.

Amtrak says buses will serve its passengers between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

Sound Transit says its Sounder train will run a special day-after-Thanksgiving schedule Friday — assuming there are no more mudslides — and resume the normal commuter schedule Monday.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks were hit by 15 mudslides in heavy rain Monday and early Tuesday. The largest slide of mud, rocks and trees at Everett was 15 feet deep.

Spokesman Gus Melonas says crews cleared the tracks to keep freight trains operating. Passenger trains observe a 48-safety moratorium after a mudslide.