Northwest briefly: Father dies, son stuck on mountain

  • Fri Sep 17th, 2010 10:16pm
  • News

YAKIMA — The Yakima County sheriff’s office says a young Oregon man watched his father fall to his death on Mount Adams, then spent the night on the peak before he was able to report the accident.

Authorities say the man in his 20s was climbing the mountain with his 60-year-old father on Tuesday when the weather deteriorated and the two decided to turn back. While descending, the elder man fell and slid down a steep slope. The son said that by the time he reached his father, he was dead.

The two have not been identified but sheriff’s officers say they are from Aurora, Ore.

The sheriff’s office says the young man couldn’t immediately call to report the accident because his cell phone had no service. He reported the death Wednesday.

Sgt. George Town says searchers located the father’s body Friday afternoon.

Olympia: Court to hear felon inmate voting case

Attorney General Rob McKenna heads to San Francisco next week to argue in federal court on behalf of Washington state’s ban on incarcerated felons voting.

In January, a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals court overturned Washington’s felon disenfranchisement law, saying minorities were disproportionately affected. The ruling opened the door for voting by thousands of felony inmates, as well as those on probation or parole. An 11-judge panel will rehear the case Tuesday. The original ruling has been stayed pending the rehearing.

Last year, state lawmakers passed a law allowing convicted felons to vote again once they finish any parole or probation. Previously, felons who were no longer in state custody were barred from voting if they still owed fines and restitution.

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