Obama approves bill for Quileute tribal move

  • Mon Feb 27th, 2012 2:39pm
  • News

Associated Press

LA PUSH, Wash. — President Barack Obama has approved a bill that will allow the Quileute Tribe to move its buildings out of a tsunami zone on the Washington coast to higher ground in Olympic National Park.

Signed into law Monday, the bill will transfer 785 acres of park land to be held in trust for the tribe so it could move out of harm’s way. It also settles a boundary dispute between the park and tribe. In return, the tribe assures access to coastal beaches that are reached by trails through tribal land.

The tribe’s village in La Push sits in a coastal flood plain. Its school, elder center, housing and headquarters are located in a tsunami zone. The tribe has about 700 members, and hundreds live along the Quillayute River.