Odd ‘n’ Ends: Hungry burglar, school bus joy ride’s abrupt end

  • Mon May 24th, 2010 10:23pm
  • News

Cash? Who needs cash?

Police say a burglar broke into a Des Moines, Iowa, Subway store, helped himself to a smorgasbord of cold cuts and made sandwiches for the journey home — but left the store’s cash behind.

Police Sgt. Lori Lavorato says the thief got inside the shop through a drive-up window Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Lavorato says the burglar made some sandwiches and took a significant amount of cold cut meats, bread and cookies, but that he failed to find the store’s kitty, which was hidden.

The route not to take when joy riding

Authorities say two teenagers who allegedly took a school bus on a joy ride were caught when they drove by the home of the bus driver who was talking to an investigators about the theft.

The Monroe County (Mich.) Sheriff’s Office said the bus driver had done as the district directs and left the vehicle in the driveway of her home with the keys in it, in case someone else needed to drive it.

She was talking to an investigator late Thursday at her home when she saw the bus go by.

The suspects were arrested a short time later.

Venezuela’s president nabs tailgater

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has a new pet peeve: speeding drivers who he says are creating mayhem on Venezuela’s highways.

Chavez says he recently was tailgated in the slow lane by a young man in a truck who unknowingly honked at the president and then passed him on the shoulder.

But Chavez didn’t let it go at that. He says he chased down the vehicle — probably with the presidential motorcade in tow — and scolded the remorseful motorist.

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