On the Record: a selection of government data

  • Sat May 12th, 2012 1:11pm
  • News

Road trips

Government travel spending

Who: Eileen Simmons, director, Everett Public Library

Destination: Philadelphia

Purpose: Public Library Association conference

Dates: March 14-17, 2012

Cost: $975 for registration and hotel

Budget lines

Spending gleaned from government consent agendas all over Snohomish County.

Snohomish County: $26,371 per year to Jury Systems of Simi Valley, Calif., for software to manage jury info.

Snohomish County: $1,544,791 low bid awarded to Watson Asphalt Paving of Redmond for equipment, materials and other services related to the county’s street overlay program.

City of Arlington: $2,380 to Arlington Hardware for supplies.

City of Stanwood: $1,298 to Skagit Farmers Supply for supplies.

City of Lynnwood: Up to $619,800 to Terra Dynamics for development of Stadler Ridge Park.

City of Lynnwood: $53,600 to Lakeside Equipment for a new grit classifier to process waste at the wastewater treatment plant.

City of Edmonds: $4,939 to A&A Language Services for interpreter fees.

City of Edmonds: $306 to Atco International for cleaning supplies.

City of Edmonds: $253 to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office for inmate prescriptions.

City of Edmonds: $884 to Zumar Industries for traffic signs.

Damage claims

Who is alleging harm and the reasons.

Agency: Snohomish County

Claimant: Jon Brewer

Asking: $183

Why: Claimant alleges that his vehicle hit a pothole at Larch Way and 212 Street SW in Brier on Jan. 20.

Agency: Snohomish County

Claimant: Antonio Garza of Snohomish

Amount: $558

Why: Claimant contends a rock from a road maintenance trimmer damaged the front window of his home.

Agency: Snohomish County

Claimant: Tom and Angela Schneider

Amount: $5,279

Why: Claimants contend that a drain hose popped out of their washer during a weatherization inspection, causing water to flood the laundry room.