On the Record: a selection of government data

  • Thu May 24th, 2012 5:20pm
  • News

Road trips

Government travel spending.

Who: Grady Persons, paramedic, city of Everett

Destination: Leavenworth

Purpose: Paramedic lecture series.

Dates: March 16-18, 2012

Cost: $568 for registration and lodging

Budget lines

Spending gleaned from government consent agendas.

Sound Transit: Up to $4.8 million to HJH Design Partners for design of light rail from south Bellevue to the Overlake Transit Center.

Sound Transit: Up to $285,467 to Progress Rail Services of Albertville, Ala., for rails for the light-rail line between downtown Seattle and the University of Washington.

City of Everett: $4,076 to Arizona Hiking Shack Rescue of Phoenix for a rope access harness.

City of Monroe: $300 to Hageman Services for window cleaning.

City of Snohomish: $7,275 to Anderson Hunter Law Firm Trust Fund of Everett for reimbursement of utility installation fees.

City of Snohomish: $3,588 to BioScience of Allentown, Pa., for microcal packets.

City of Snohomish: $11,160.30 to SnoPac for emergency-dispatch services.

City of Snohomish: $2,432 to Sultan Post and Pole for rail fence work in Hill Park.

City of Sultan: $5,218.42 to Dell Marketing of Dallas, Texas, for equipment.

City of Sultan: $73,487.50 to Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office for professional services.

Snohomish County Parks &Recreation: $884,000 in Brightwater settlement money to Bruce Dees and Associates of Tacoma for work at the future Wellington Hills Regional Sports Park, including master planning, design and construction assistance.

Snohomish County: $1,083,875 bid awarded to Taylor’s Excavators of Stanwood for surface-water drainage work at five locations.


Civil assessments by government for violations of law or regulation.

Agency: State Department of Licensing

Proposed penalty: $500

Subject: Dru’s Place in Mukilteo

Reason: Unlicensed salon or shop.