On the Record: a selection of government data

Budget lines

Spending gleaned from government consent agendas.

City of Edmonds: $369 to Town &Country Tractors of Monroe for grass-trimming equipment.

City of Edmonds: $297 to the Washington State Patrol for background checks.

City of Edmonds: $41 to A.M. Leonard for gardening supplies.

Snohomish County Fire District 1: $61 to Home Depot for pens, markers, binder clips and other supplies.

Snohomish County Fire District 4 in Snohomish: $1,852 to Les Schwab of Snohomish for tires.

City of Snohomish: $1,810 to Larry Cole and David Bowman for directing traffic at the intersection of First Street and Avenue D.

City of Snohomish: $2,291 to American Distribution Company for dust control.

City of Snohomish: $4,464 to Bark Time of Lake Stevens for wood chips for parks.

Damage claims

Who is alleging harm and the reasons.

Agency: City of Edmonds

Claimant: Mary Jane Kielman, Seattle

Asking: Unspecified

Why: Kielman alleges that she was a vendor at the Saturday market on July 7 when she tripped and fell. She alleges she grabbed a sign to stop her fall and it gave way. She says she strained her back and suffered additional minor injuries.


Civil assessments by government for violations of law or regulation.

Agency: Washington Department of Licensing

Proposed penalty: Broker license suspended 1 year, not imposed for 3 years, and fined $1,000

Subject: Julian Ng, Edmonds

Reason: Negligent in not confirming earnest money funds were deposited with escrow company.

Agency: Washington Department of Licensing

Proposed penalty: $1,000.

Subject: Kero’s Auto Brokers of Edmonds

Reason: Late lien-holder payoff.

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