Principal takes a dousing to reward students’ fundraising efforts

  • Fri Nov 11th, 2011 2:29pm
  • News

By Amy Daybert Herald Writer

GRANITE FALLS — Principal Kari Henderson-Burke pulled on a pair of goggles as she got ready to ride a pink children’s bike outside Monte Cristo Elementary School.

She knew what to expect that Friday afternoon from the group of 15 students and one teacher holding sponges and buckets of warm water. As she pedaled by them they threw soapy sponges and dumped water on her.

“It’s a poor time to find out that (the goggles) leak,” Henderson-Bruke said.

Making herself the target of a human car wash was a prize offered Nov. 4 to students who sold at least 15 items in the school’s annual fundraiser. It was the third year Henderson-Burke has offered the prize.

“It’s such an unusual and fun reward for the kids who work to help our school,” she said. “It does get fairly noisy. The parents that come along laugh as much as the kids do.”

Students sold items including chocolates and gift wrap from a Cherrydale Farms catalog for about two weeks. The fundraiser is organized by the Monte Cristo Elementary Parent Support Group. This year’s fundraiser brought in more than $10,000 said Cindy Mayer, president of the group. The school will receive half of the money raised to help fund school field trips and other classroom needs, staff dinners, family nights and other events hosted by the group throughout the school year.

“It’s our main fundraiser that brings in the most (money),” Mayer said. “It did better than last year.”

Students who sold at least 15 items also received a pizza party, Mayer said. Top sellers at the school included Jenna Lawrence’s fifth-grade classroom, which brought in $1,357.50, and fourth-grade student Bailey Carter, who sold 566 items.

Mayer’s daughter, Brittany, sold enough to help soak her principal.

“It was funny,” said the fifth-grader. “(Henderson-Burke) was acting like she was going to put us all in detention.”

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