Report storm damage to county

  • Wed Jan 25th, 2012 8:48pm
  • News

Herald staff

People whose property suffered damage during recent winter storms are being asked to make a report to Snohomish County’s Department of Emergency Management.

That includes farmers, businesses and government agencies or anybody else who calls Snohomish County home. The county wants to tally damage from snow, ice and freezing temperatures from Jan. 13 to 23. That information will help determine whether local communities qualify for state or federal assistance or grants.

Residential, agricultural and business damage can be reported to the Department of Emergency Management by calling 425-388-5088 or by completing a damage-assessment form at

Required information includes an address where the damage occurred, the amount and type of damage, primary and secondary insurance information as well as deductible amounts. When possible, photographs should be provided. Damage also should be reported to insurance providers.

County road crews plowed nearly 20,000 miles of roadway last week, using nearly 4,600 tons of sand to clear ice and snow. Crews also cleared debris from stormwater catch basins to prevent urban flooding. Crews worked 12-hour shifts around the clock.