Sea-Tac airport garage missed $400,000 in revenue

  • Mon Dec 10th, 2012 9:53pm
  • News

Seattle Times

SEATTLE — A state audit shows the Port of Seattle lost about $400,000 in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport parking garage revenue because some drivers weren’t charged when they swiped their credit cards.

The Seattle Times reported that Sea-Tac staff investigated after several honest drivers called the airport this summer, saying they thought they paid to park but their cards were never charged.

The Times said faulty credit-card machines have cost the port at least $395,000 in parking revenue in the last two years.

An audit released Monday says the airport may have lost even more in parking revenue. The port has begun manually reconciling Sea-Tac parking receipts and has hired a forensic expert to figure out how to guard against missed credit card transactions.

The audit also found that a port program that encourages cargo ships to burn cleaner fuel while docked in Seattle violates the state Constitution. Auditors said the $2.5 million the port spent on that program was basically a gift of public money. The port has put the fuel incentive program on hold.