Seems Like Yesterday

  • Tue Apr 22nd, 2014 6:31pm
  • News

50 years ago (1964)

Connie Mortvedt of Everett was elected president of the Washington State Federation of Music Clubs at its annual state convention in Ellensburg. A graduate of Western Washington State College and the University of Washington, she taught music before becoming a librarian at South Junior High School.

Darrington’s civic leaders stood before the house adjacent to the town hall this week after the Chamber of Commerce and Timberbowl sponsors donated $3,000 to the city for purchase of the house. They were Mayor Robert Koop, Chamber President Weir Lemmon, and Chester Williams, Timberbowl joint chairman.

25 years ago (1989)

Everett photographer Linda Moore lauded the more than 60 courses and seminars offered this year by the non-profit Pacific Northwest Field Seminars. Moore taught a course in nature photography at the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon.

Jerry Jones tended heated river rocks to steam a hand-carved cedar canoe to widen it. The canoe, a state centennial project of the Tulalip Tribes, was a 10-month labor requiring Jones and Joe Gobin to relearn the lost art of carving that was part of their heritage.

By Jack O’Donnell from Herald archives at the Everett Public Library.