Seems Like Yesterday

50 years ago (1963)

Partners who had formed the new Axel-Price Auto Sales at 25th Street and Broadway, the former location of Root Motors, were Axel Honigbaum and Cliff Price, both of Lake Forest Park. Others working for the firm were Tom Browitt, Dick Burch, Don Files, Vern Tuininga and Tony Orthund.

Twelve volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica “Great Books for Children” were awarded to Pat Bruland, 12, yesterday as national winner of the Young Hobby Club cookie counting contest. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bruland, she would enter Olympic View Junior High as a seventh-grader this fall.

25 years ago (1988)

A 95-unit housing complex for senior citizens would be built in the city’s north end as the result of the council’s rezone approval. The Windsor Park Retirement Community would be located between the new Fred Meyer store and 48th Avenue NE, south of 100th Street NE.

Brain Hageman, of Whidbey Island, carried a bucket of freshly picked berries. He was one of the many teens working on the second week of the six-week long loganberry harvest at Whidbey’s Greenbank Farm. The berries would eventually be made into Whidbeys Liqueur.

By Jack O’Donnell from Herald archives at the Everett Public Library

More in Local News

Families begin relocating from public housing complex

Baker Heights is in need of repairs deemed to costly to make, and will be demolished and replaced.

Trail work by juvenile offenders builds resumes, confidence

Kayak Point trails were built out this year by groups from Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

Small fire breaks out at haunted house in Everett

Plastic that was supposed to be noncombustable was sitting next to a hot lightbulb.

Rules of the road for ‘extra-fast pedestrians’ — skateboarders

State traffic law defines them as pedestrians, and yet they are often in the middle of the street.

Distress beacon leads rescuers to Pacific Crest Trail hikers

Two men in their 20s had encountered snow and waited two nights for a helicopter rescue.

City of Everett to give $400K to a nonprofit housing project

The city expects to enter a contract with HopeWorks, an affiliate of Housing Hope.

Everett mayoral campaign is one of the priciest ever

Many campaign donors are giving to both Cassie Franklin and Judy Tuohy.

Volunteers clean up homeless camp infested with garbage

The organization’s founder used to live and do drugs in the same woods.

The way he walked led to police to Everett murder suspect

Then, witnesses said they had heard the man and an alleged accomplice talking about a robbery.

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