Stabbing outside restaurant was random

  • Fri Jan 17th, 2014 6:57pm
  • News

By Scott North Herald Writer

LYNNWOOD — A Dec. 29 stabbing outside a Lynnwood-area restaurant apparently was a random attack, not a drug-related crime.

The victim wound up with a knife in his chest. The alleged assailant, Sean G. Pataysingh, 43, of Edmonds, told detectives he’d acted in self defense. Then he claimed to have lashed out in anger over a debt.

The victim says neither story is true, Snohomish County deputy prosector Chris Dickinson said in court papers filed Friday.

The man who was stabbed, 43, later told police that he was smoking a cigarette outside the restaurant when he was approached by a man who demanded cash, claiming that he was owed money.

The victim “later told police that he does not know the defendant and certainly did not owe him any money,” the prosecutor wrote. “The defendant suddenly produced a large knife and plunged it into (the man’s) chest, right in front of two witnesses.”

The assailant then ran away. He was described as being dressed in a suit and carrying a cane.

Deputies converged on the area shortly after the stabbing, spotted somebody matching that description walking nearby and detained him for questioning.

Pataysingh’s story evolved after being confronted by police, Dickinson said. First he denied any involvement in the stabbing, then said it was self defense and finally that he was angry over money,the prosecutor said.

The initial police report filed after Pataysingh’s arrest said the stabbing was out of anger over a drug debt. The knife just missed the victim’s heart.

The prosecutor charged Pataysingh on Friday with one count of first-degree assault. The defendant has prior felony convictions for burglary and auto theft and misdemeanor drug history.

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