State and Snohomish County presidential picks

  • Wed Oct 10th, 2012 12:30pm
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Reported by Jerry Cornfield Herald Writer

In its first presidential election as a state, Washington sided with a loser. So, too, did residents of Snohomish County. That year, 1892, the nation elected Democrat Grover Cleveland while a majority of voters in the state and the county favored a second term for incumbent Republican President Benjamin Harrison.

Seven times since, county voters preferred a different commander-in-chief than the one elected. With ballots for the 2012 election arriving in mailboxes next week, here’s a look at past results. We’ll refrain from making predictions about the future.

Click here to see each presidential matchup since 1892, and how the county, state and nation voted in each election.

Presidential picks, 1892-2008

Washington became a state Nov. 11, 1889.

Year of electionElected president Washington voted forSnohomish County voted for
1892Grover Cleveland-DBenjamin Harrison-R*Benjamin Harrison-R
1896William McKinley-RWilliam Jennings Bryan-D*William McKinley-R
1900William McKinley-RWilliam McKinley-R*William McKinley-R
1904Theodore Roosevelt-RTheodore Roosevelt-R*Theodore Roosevelt-R
1908William Howard Taft-RWilliam Howard Taft-R*William Howard Taft-R
1912Woodrow Wilson-DTheodore Roosevelt-Progressive*Theodore Roosevelt-Progressive
1916Woodrow Wilson-DWoodrow Wilson-D*Charles Hughes-R
1920Warren Harding-RWarren Harding-R*Warren Harding-R
1924Calvin Coolidge-RCalvin Coolidge-R*Calvin Coolidge-R
1928Herbert Hoover-RHerbert Hoover-R*Herbert Hoover-R
1932Franklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-D*Franklin D. Roosevelt-D
1936Franklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-D
1940Franklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-D
1944Franklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-DFranklin D. Roosevelt-D
1948Harry Truman-DHarry Truman-DHarry Truman-D
1952Dwight Eisenhower-RDwight Eisenhower-RAdlai Stevenson-D
1956Dwight Eisenhower-RDwight Eisenhower-RAdlai Stevenson-D
1960John F. Kennedy-DRichard M. Nixon-RJohn F. Kennedy-D
1964Lyndon Johnson-DLyndon Johnson-DLyndon B. Johnson-D
1968Richard Nixon-RHubert Humphrey-DHubert Humphrey-D
1972Richard Nixon-RRichard M. Nixon-RRichard M. Nixon-R
1976Jimmy Carter-DGerald Ford-RJimmy Carter-D
1980Ronald Reagan-RRonald Reagan-RRonald Reagan-R
1984Ronald Reagan-RRonald Reagan-RRonald Reagan-R
1988George Bush-RMichael Dukakis-DGeorge Bush-R
1992Bill Clinton-DBill Clinton-DBill Clinton-D
1996Bill Clinton-DBill Clinton-DBill Clinton-D
2000George W. Bush-RAl Gore-DAl Gore-D
2004George W. Bush-RJohn Kerry-DJohn Kerry-D
2008Barack Obama-DBarack Obama-DBarack Obama-D

*Washington voted for electors of a political party from 1892-1932; candidate names appeared on ballots starting in 1936.

Sources: The American Presidency Project and 270 to Win.