State Patrol car hit twice on I-5 in Lakewood

  • Wed May 7th, 2014 10:04pm
  • News

Associated Press

LAKEWOOD — The Washington State Patrol said one of its cars was hit twice on I-5 in Lakewood. The 30-year-old Federal Way man driving the other vehicle was arrested after he told the officer he hit his car intentionally.

The News Tribune reported the State Patrol lieutenant was on his way to a memorial ceremony when his vehicle was hit. The reason for the collision was not immediately clear.

Spokesman Guy Gill said the man was driving about 90 mph when he pulled a few feet behind the patrol car, made some gestures and then hit the back of the lieutenant’s car.

Gill said the trooper was taken to the hospital for soreness.

Investigators believe the Federal Way man was under the influence of drugs.

Gill said he will be booked into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of second-degree assault and driving with a suspended license.