Super kid: Jes LaPlante, 17, Lakewood High School junior

Deep roots: Has grown up in Lakewood community. “I’m a lifer. I have been here since preschool. I have lived in the same house all my life but this area is growing. I can say, ‘I remember when that was built and that was built.’ “

Grand upbringing: Has lived with her grandparents her whole life because of family issues and is grateful for the stability.

Different callings: Loves to write poetry and is interested in becoming a medical examiner.

Good experience: With help from science teacher Mike Fellows, she was chosen to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine last summer in Phoenix. That experience included a visit to a morgue.

Favorite subject: Math.

Favorite class: Choir. Sings in school’s jazz choir and is a first soprano. Choir gets to travel to perform at a festival in California this May. “If I’m sick, I can get down to a tenor.”

Speaking up: Is part of the Snohomish County Federation Health and Safety Network representing teenagers on youth issues and has been part of countywide youth panel. Recently visited state capital in Olympia where she and others asked for help from state lawmakers representing the county. A big issue is working with communities to stop underage drinking, including trying to place stickers in stores warning about potential liability to adults buying alcohol for minors.

Tight schedule: Has a job working at the office of Steven Fulton Insurance. Appreciates his flexibility and his priority that school comes first. Also tutors another student in math once a week after school. “People ask me why I don’t do sports. I don’t have time. I have a job and school. I like helping people, not doing stuff for myself.”

No hurry: Figures she will wait until she is 18 to get her driver’s license.

Favorite poet: Edgar Allen Poe. “I love ‘The Raven.’ “

Penned in: Can say she has been locked up at Alcatraz, the former island prison in California. Was on a tour during a remodeling project and took a wrong turn and couldn’t get back after a door closed behind her. “It was pretty embarrassing.”

Critter friends: Has two dogs and a cat. Dogs are named Rufus and J.D., which stands for Jes’ dog. Cat is Simba. Once had a pot-bellied pig and a duck.

Dream trip: Rome and Egypt. Would love to see the pyramids and “put my hand in the Nile.”

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