Vital Statistics

Marriage Licenses

BRANDT, Andrew Thomas and POTTER, Lindsey Kalyani

BRUNS, Eric William and ASHTON, Robin Shiree

BUCKLEY, James Robert and SANGER, Noel Marie

BUMBAUGH, David Francois and SHERMAN, Shelley Fiona

CAMPBELL, Otis Earl and LARA, Patricia Beatrice

CASTILLO, Johnny Ventura and COFFIN, Allison Joy

CAUDILL, Michael William, Jr. and KANE, Tiffany Dannelle

CHELETTE, Bowman Lee and LYN, Shirley Ann

COOK, Raymond Aaron and BLUME, Teila Amanda Marie

DANKWA, Blessing Appiah and AIDOO, Vida

DAVIS, Richard Lee and LEGOWIK, Kimberly Ann

FISHER, Chad Michael and BARRON, Courtney Louise Ann

FLEISCHER, Tye Patrick and MARKER, Dorina Marie

FORTIER, Jason Michael and SCHILLER, Katie Renee

GILL, Jagroop Singh and BRAR, Ramandeep Kaur

GRIMM, Robert Thomas Jensen and SOLVANG, Alysia Ann

HAEGELE, Travis Mamuad and JOHNSON, Dolores Sabuya

HALL, William Andrew Kalanihuia, IV and WILLIAMS, Tabitha Dawn

JESTER, Phillip James and BOLDT, Elizabeth Anne

JOHNSON, Collin Jacob and BOTTINI, Amanda Ruth

JOHNSON, Larry Gene and SCHERER, Linda Sue

KICK, Sean Michael and MELDER, Catherine Lynn

KRAUJA, Trevor Lee and SAWATZKY, Kellye Lynn

LENNON, Donald Roger and CURL, Ruth Ellen

LOE, Jason Dean and CURDY, Karrin Alisa Hughes

LOUTSIS, Babe Michael and YORK, Nicole Marie

MADEJA, Kenneth Alan and McCUNE, Robin Stone

MILLER, Jason Eugene and MENEFEE, Sarah Marie

MOIR, David Bruce and NIELSEN, Kim Rene

OAKES, Ryan Matthew and LARSON, Alycia Marie

ORR, Michael Douglas and BARRY, Misty Ann

OWEIWI, Amer and BADIR, Fatma


RAMOS, James William and LAMB, Diane Elizabeth


RUCKER, Nelson Carl and STILL, Kierstin Rashel

SHAW, Jeffrey Spencer and HOLLATZ, Julianne Marie


TORKELSON, Dakota Lovbrek and ZACHMAN, Amie Kathlynn

VALLO, Bradley Marvin and DENTON, Amanda Rose


WALTERS, Joshua Quitman and TAIT, Sandra Nicole

WEIGEL, Troy Russell and POSTMA, Theresa Lynn

WHITE, Joel Edward and WEBSTER, Elizabeth Rose

WILLIAMS, Cyrus John and EPRIGHT, Linda Marie


ATIENZA, John and Marie

DUCKER, Evan and Shalen

FIELD, Larry and GILPIN, Diane

FLAHERTY, Shawn and Rebecca

FRENCH, Frank and Janell

GOETTEL, Daniel and Tiffany

GORGAS, David and NGUYEN, Khang

HARTMAN, Brandon and KILGORE, Amber

HELLER, Matthew and COHEN-MOORE, Lillian

HILL, Ernest and Tara

HNEISH, Omkalthum and EL BAKKOUSH, Shawki

HOWE, Jared and Ana

JAMISON, Jerry and KEATING, Jennifer

JOHAL, Rajinder and Kulwinder

KEAN, David and Heather

KHUT, Rykhen and AP, Soupan

LEHMAN, Andrew and Brittney

MERCADO, Guillermo and Julieta

O’BRIEN, Sean and Melissa

OWENS, John and Lori

PETERSON, Michael and Terrie


SAWYER, Steven and Felisha

SHERIDAN, Shawn and Vallyrie

WHITE, William and Kaylee

YOST, Timothy and Karin

ZILLEN, John and Katrina


Oct. 23: Kraft, Diane, 70, Everett

Oct. 26: Chapman, Shirley, 89, Edmonds

Oct. 27: Randall, Patricia, 60, Snohomish

Oct. 27: Donaldson, Lila, 81, Bothell

Oct. 28: Smith, Frankie, 46, Everett

Oct. 30: Shelton, Richard, 89, Edmonds

Oct. 31: Emmons, Beatrice, 80, Bothell

Oct. 31: Campbell, Janice, 63, Everett

Nov. 1: Hancock, Delbert, 68, Everett

Nov. 1: Seidler, Jacob, 82, Everett

Nov. 1: Vandermay, Geraldine, 88, Edmonds

Nov. 1: Lyons, Dorothy, 77, Lynnwood

Nov. 2: Sommerfeld, Sandra, 68, Lake Stevens

Nov. 2: Marlowe, Margaret, 105, Bothell

Nov. 3: Wolff, Helen, 94, Marysville

Nov. 3: Barbieri, Elsie, 92, Everett

Nov. 3: Mewbourn, Tami, 52, Marysville

Nov. 3: Van Hove, Anne, 66, Snohomish

Nov. 3: Coolbaugh, Angela, 49, Mountlake Terrace

Nov. 4: Carter, Randall, 58, Everett

Nov. 4: Schmieder, Donna, 76, Everett

Nov. 4: Turner, Brandon, 27, Lynnwood

Nov. 4: Symonds, Robert, 85, Stanwood

Nov. 4: Sachmann, Leverne, 87, Everett

Nov. 5: Gaustad, Ronnie, 77, Snohomish

Nov. 5: Tangedahl, Sandra, 43, Everett

Nov. 5: Martinec, Steven, 56, Arlington

Nov. 5: Kaufman, Theresa, 88, Edmonds

Nov. 6: Anderson, Darlene, 76, Arlington

Nov. 6: Roberson, LaRene, 37, Snohomish

Nov. 6: Smart, Agatha, 88, Stanwood

Nov. 6: Stuart, Sharon, 68, Arlington

Nov. 6: Allen, Don, 63, Marysville

Nov. 6: Morman, Barbara, 73, Everett

Nov. 6: Chapman, Jeffrey, 58, Edmonds

Nov. 6: Cornwal,l Mark, 63, Lynnwood

Nov. 6: DeFrang, Lorraine, 88, Lake Stevens

Nov. 6: Fick, Ann, 76, Lynnwood

Nov. 6: McKibben, John, 68, Mountlake Terrace

Nov. 6: Monson, Judith, 55, Lynnwood

Nov. 6: Poellot, Roy, 89, Arlington

Nov. 6: Wigtil, Pauline, 93, Lynnwood

Nov. 7: Brown, Caroline, 60, Stanwood

Nov. 7: Cathcart, Robert, 87, Everett

Nov. 7: Davis, Emily, 86, Lake Stevens

Nov. 7: Hampton, Nancey, 60, Marysville

Nov. 7: Murza, Stephan, 77, Everett

Nov. 7: Walker, Diane, 90, Marysville

Nov. 7: Baun, William, 65, Everett

Nov. 7: Gunderson, Marilyn, 73, Lynnwood

Nov. 7: Hansen, Dorothy, 74, Everett

Nov. 7: Byrd, Peggy, 85, Arlington

Nov. 7: Clark, Kyong, 64, Edmonds

Nov. 7: Cunningham, Verna, 95, Everett

Nov. 7: Garcia-Robles, Melecio, 85, Everett

Nov. 7: Gibson, Helen, 92, Edmonds

Nov. 7: Morley, Katherine, 88, Edmonds

Nov. 7: McQuesten, Frances, 95, Arlington

Nov. 7: Saffle, Ladonna, 78, Edmonds

Nov. 8: Abendroth, Jr., Walter, 76, Everett

Nov. 8: Brown, Tina, 50, Everett

Nov. 8: Graham, Joseph, 71, Arlington

Nov. 8: Larson, Timothy, 51, Stanwood

Nov. 9: McDowell, John, 87, Everett

Nov. 9: Tucker, Catherine, 56, Gold Bar

Nov. 9: Charles, Vera, 81, Tulalip

Nov. 9: Dunbar, Arline, 88, Marysville

Nov. 9: Geroux, Carol, 66, Everett

Nov. 9: Goodrich, Benecia, 95, Everett

Nov. 9: Hermes, Nancy, 78, Marysville

Nov. 10: Alawas, Kamal, 60, Everett

Nov. 10: Oberg, Dora, 64, Everett

Nov. 10: Bergstrom, Virginia, 97, Everett

Nov. 10: Bishop, Bonnie, 60, Arlington

Nov. 10: Lundy, Pauline, 86, Marysville

Nov. 10: Strom, Jessica, 33, Snohomish

Nov. 11: Byrd, Pauline, 88, Sultan

Nov. 11: Bond, Margaret, 73, Lake Stevens

Nov. 11: Borns, Marguerite, 97, Lake Stevens

Nov. 11: Broderson, Dwayne, 76, Camano Island

Nov. 11: Lyon, Claudene, 50, Everett

Nov. 11: Peterson, Leora, 93, Marysville

Nov. 12: Schwartzmiller, Bradd, 63, Arlington

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Shock from WSU suicide ripples through Snohomish County

Roughly 1 in 10 seniors, sophomores and 8th-graders said they had attempted to take their own lives.

$1,000 reward for info on who killed an eagle near Snohomish

After being shot, the raptor was treated at the Sarvey Wildlife Center but died overnight.

Woman confronts man leaving house with stolen item

“He swung at her with a crowbar, missing her.”

Police seek suspect in Wells Fargo bank robbery

He was described as white, in his 30s, heavyset, with blonde hair and a maroon sweatshirt.

Possible bobcat sighting keeps Snohomish students inside

The creature was spotted on the campus of Valley View Middle School around noon.

Stabbing in Everett follows dispute between brothers-in-law

The victim, 54, was hospitalized. The suspect, 29, had not been apprehended Thursday.

New leaders coming to county, state political parties

Hillary Moralez of Bothell takes over as chair for the Snohomish County Democratic Party.

Mom and brother turn in suspect in Stanwood robberies

The man is suspected of robbing the same gas station twice, and apologizing to the clerk afterward.

Derrick “Wiz” Crawford, 22, is a suspect in the homicide of his roommate. (Edmonds Police Department)
Roommate suspected in Edmonds killing found hiding in closet

Police had been searching for him for 10 days before locating him at a house in Everett.

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