Vital Statistics

Marriage Licenses

BARLOW, Robert Jay and MEJIA, Maura Del Carmen

BEGLINGER, William Emanuel and LOCK, Alisha Mae

BETHKE, Jordan Carl and FELDT, Shiloh Dawn

BOSS, Derrick DeShawn and WOMACK, Sherri Lynn

BURTIS, Douglas John and GADBOIS, Janet Lucille

CARMONA, Moises Santos and MUNOZ VELASCO, Ma Guadalupe

CHACON, Cerriteno Heraclio and HERRERA, Verisa Gail

CHAMORRO REYES, Omar Antonio and HOYKO, Tetyana Ivanivna

CLARK, Matthew Steven and BIGLEY, Melissa Michelle

CURTIS, Justin Brady and GALTIERI, Amanda Marie

D’AMBRA, Jonathan Forrest and SCARBORO, Lindsay Odessa

DAGGETT, Norman Allen and TURNPAW, Jeanne Denise

DEL VILLAR TAPIA, Alfredo and LOERA, Laura Jolanda

DRAMMEH, Lamin S. and SONKO, Fatou

EBBESEN, Delvin Adrian and BEVERLEY, Keisha Annese


FINNEGAN, Martin Joseph and FITZHUGH, Jessica Frances

FORTYGIN, Joseph Andrew and EVANS, Leia Marie

GREGERSEN, David Earl and CRAIN, Nicole Louise

HAMADA, Jarrett Toshio and VIGIL-CARO, Patricia

HAMZA, Joseph Yosypovich and KROT, Valentina Nikolayevna

HANSEN, Michael Ryan and LEYBOLD, Jordin Patrice

HEALY, Kevin Joseph and ROBERTS, Janelle

HENDERSON, Joshua James and SCHWANTES, Shirrae Renee

HUDSON, Lee James and GARCIA, Flor

HUNTER, Trevor Ross and DAILEY, Annette Suzanne

JANSSON, Joshua Eric and LONG, Allison Chalet B.

JUOZAPAITIS, Adam Albert and GRICE, Bambi Lynn

KAISER, Martin Francis and GALLOWAY, Deborah Lee

KUYKENDALL, Steven Miles and SEXTON, Beverly Frances

LEFLEY, Eric William and DEMEROUTIS, Erin Jean

LENON, David Steven and McCORD, Jacquelynn Caprice

LESTER, Jaime Eugene and TREICHEL, Christina Marie

LEVALLEY, Eric William and JONAS, Tawny Marie

LOGNION, Joshua Drue and WRIGHT, Naomi Aileen



LOUIE-MONSTAD, Matthew Preston and BROGAN, Michaela Nicole

MATTSON, Kenneth James, Jr. and COLANDO, Hanna Claudia

McCULLOUGH, Robert Patrick and DUNN, Teresa

MEJIA, Alcala Eladio and FOLEY, Yolanda Stephanie

MILLER, Joshua James and REITER, Kathleen

MORAR, Dorinel and LALA, Floriana Daniela

NAGORNYY, Anatoliy Viktorovich and MELNICHUK, Olga Vladimirovna

NATHAN, Fred James and TADE, Rachelle Ann

OSBORN, Tyler James and SCHMAUS, Shantel Rose Marie

PARKER, Robert Wayne and DALE, Patricia Lynn

PAULL, Eric Phillip and DAHL, Karen Kristine

PENWELL, David Edward and LO, Christine Po Ling

PEREZRA, Silas Rodrigues and MITCHELL, Mary Gale

RAMIREZ, Magdaleno and CASTANEDA CRUZ, Cecilia

REAMS, Travis James and BOOTH, Amy Sherie

RIZAL, Tulsi Ram and ADHIKARI, Pabitra Maya

ROBBINS, Brent Alan and DI PAOLA, Samantha Christine


SIGURDSON, Kirstin Michelle and EVANS, Dean William

SIKORSKIY, Maksim Viktorovich and OLIDINCHUK, Olga Valeryevna


STAUFFER, Brandon David and HAMPSON, Nakayla Jaleen

TANIS, Frank Donald and HOLT, Maria Christina

TEJEDA, Joseph Daniel and QUINLAN, Brianne Noel

THOMSON, John Gordon and FRENCH, Colleen, Louise

VIQUE VILLALBA, Esteban Javier and SERRANO ORELLANA, Liliana Margot

WHITE, John Anthony and GIBBS, Stacey Olivia

WILSON, Brian Oliver and RICE, Tami Lynn

YARBROUGH, Mathew Richard and CARTER, Megan Ashley



ANWAR, Muhammad and SAEED, Iram

ARENDS, Troy and Yvonne

AUDETTE, Michael and KOOY, Muriel

BALAN, Constantin and Cristina

BEAVIN, Todd and Terry

CAMPBELL, Christopher and Krista

COHEN, Mordechay and CARPENTER, Michelle


DANNER, Jason and Anastasia

DE JOHN, Charles and Elaine

DE MEROUTIS, Dennis and Erin

FAHRNEY, Mitch and Mandie

HARRIS, Joshua and Deborah

HARRIS, Kyle and Anastasia

HERRERA, Arturo and CORTES, Kenia

HINZMANN, Johan and Kimi

HIPKE, Matthew and Connethia

HOOD, Caleb and JACOBS, Harmony

JAY, John and LEE, Eun

JENSEN, Richard and Kimberly

JOHNSON, Dean and Lina

KEMP, Alan and Erin

KLEBOLD, Louis and Diane


LAIRD, Curtis and Jeanne

LAWTON, Richard and Anna

MacMILLAN, James and KEPHART, Karen

MANOSKE, Jeffrey and Nona


MATTSON, Steven and Karen

MICKELSON, Brad and Sue

MINSHALL, Charles and Cherrol

MOKHNACH, Viktor and Larisa

MORGAN, Dana and Alyssa

MUNIZ, Benedito and Jodi

MUOLIC, Alexander and EMERY, Noemi

NICHOLS, Matthew and Meara

OLSON, Dennis and BAHM, Kristine

PARK, Daniel and Hyanghee

POLK, Paul and Staria

PROFIT, John and Denise

QUINTANA, Randy and Tiffany

REALMUTO, Ken and Beata

ROCHA, Edson and DE MENDOCA, Regina


VALENCIA, Mark and Crystal

WELK, Jeffrey and Cindy

WENDT, Kevin and Carolyn

WILLIAMSBEY, Keith and Stephanie

WOLD, Jeffery and Susan

WOODS, James and Lindsey


Oct. 19: Mata, Erma, 74, Marysville

Oct. 22: Bryenton, Barbara, 84, Everett

Oct. 23: Smith, Betty, 89, Lake Stevens

Oct. 23: Hancock, Nevaeh, 2, Everett

Oct. 25: Corbally, Marguerite, 88, Snohomish

Oct. 25: Dunne, Joyce, 81, Edmonds

Oct. 25: Lilley, Ella, 90, Everett

Oct. 25: Peterson, Homer, 101, Lynnwood

Oct. 25: Burghduff, Frederick, 79, Marysville

Oct. 25: Gilbert, Helen, 100, Monroe

Oct. 25: Mayhle, Ann, 82, Stanwood

Oct. 25: Namur, Mark, 60, Edmonds

Oct. 26: Harrison, Virginia, 80, Edmonds

Oct. 26: Kitts, Sharon, 66, Everett

Oct. 26: Viray, Theodore, 61, Everett

Oct. 26: Christensen, Gary, 77, Everett

Oct. 26: Fahey, Sean, 43, Everett

Oct. 26: Mathison, Vivian, 92, Edmonds

Oct. 27: Accetturo, Bertha (aka: Toni), 91, Snohomish

Oct. 27: Hawkey, Jr., Paul, 67, Everett

Oct. 27: Rowley, Linda, 65, Stanwood

Oct. 27: Goldbloom, Marilyn, 78, Edmonds

Oct. 27: Jackson, Jr., Eugene, 15, Mukilteo

Oct. 27: Wyckoff, Ronald, 71, Arlington

Oct. 28: Craven, Richard, 79, Snohomish

Oct. 28: Hawes, Glen, 27, Marysville

Oct. 28: Rosseau, Saundra, 72, Edmonds

Oct. 28: Markezinis, Carrie, 78, Edmonds

Oct. 28: Clark, Richard, 83, Everett

Oct. 28: Crenshaw, Delores, 60, Everett

Oct. 28: Lawrence, Oneida, 94, Monroe

Oct. 28: Barker, Larry, 65, Arlington

Oct. 29: McCormack, Steven, 53, Bothell

Oct. 29: Descalzi, Charles, 53, Everett

Oct. 29: McIntyre, Sandra, 27, Mill Creek

Oct. 29: Greenleaf, Dorothy, 86, Monroe

Oct. 29: Hagen, Jack, 86, Lynnwood

Oct. 29: McIntyre, Sean, 29, Mill Creek

Oct. 29: Watts, John, 86, Stanwood

Oct. 30: Alves, Josiah, 7, Everett

Oct. 30: Hess, Edith, 95, Mountlake Terrace

Oct. 30: Wright, James, 84, Bothell

Oct. 30: Hill, Betty, 86, Everett

Oct. 30: Montgomery, Evelyn, 91, Lake Stevens

Oct. 30: Green, Deanna, 51, Marysville

Oct. 30: Setzer, Joan, 53, Snohomish

Oct. 30: Carlstad, Laurie, 53, Snohomish

Oct. 30: Crawford, Ann, 67, Everett

Oct. 30: Falseni, Rose, 88, Edmonds

Oct. 30: Jacobson, Barbara, 63, Arlington

Oct. 31: Dart, Edna, 89, Marysville

Oct. 31: Saidykhan, Joko, 8, Everett

Oct. 31: Aldred, Patricia, 71, Lake Stevens

Oct. 31: Britt, Shirley, 81, Everett

Oct. 31: Canido, Gilbert, 51, Marysville

Oct. 31: Carlson, Ione, 101, Marysville

Oct. 31: Spee, Ricarda, 84, Edmonds

Oct. 31: Soriano Huesca, Olegario, 47, Stanwood

Oct. 31: Wenger, Bernadine, 81, Snohomish

Nov. 1: Riddle, Violet, 74, Marysville

Nov. 1: Hudson, Kathaleen, 74, Everett

Nov. 1: Miller, Charlotte, 94, Snohomish

Nov. 1: Unger, William, 80, Everett

Nov. 1: Brand, Marion, 85, Marysville

Nov. 1: Holbrook, Lionel, 88, Everett

Nov. 1: Ivie, Jonathan, 4 d 3 m, Bothell

Nov. 1: Stone, Harold, 89, Everett

Nov. 1: Zechman, Dorothy, 96, Marysville

Nov. 1: Jennings, Chong, 58, Edmonds

Nov. 1: Owens, William, 70, Everett

Nov. 2: Self, Dorothy, 86, Snohomish

Nov. 2: Taubeneck, Walter, 88, Marysville

Nov. 2: Welch, John, 91, Everett

Nov. 3: Byrom, Thomas, 84, Everett

Nov. 3: MacMaster, Patricia, 87, Mountlake Terrace

Nov. 3: Sanchez, Ella, 54, Tulalip

Nov. 3: Yim, John, 78, Mill Creek

Nov. 4: Feltham, Mary, 64, Granite Falls

Nov. 4: Hedlund, Lillian, 91, Everett

Nov. 4: Sander, Deborah, 53, Lake Stevens

Nov. 4: Quinn, Daniel, 89, Lynnwood

Nov. 5: Blythe, Lois, 82, Granite Falls


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

SHETLEY, Carina and Tom, Arlington, boy, October 25

BURT, Stormy, Marysville, girl, October 31

KRAMER, Victoria, Camano Island, girl, November 11

WOODS, Deidra and Roderick, Arlington, boy, November 1

MALTOS, Maria and Nino, Darrington, boy, November 1

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