Vital Statistics

Marriage Licenses

BAZALDUA, Joe Angel and VARGAS GONZALEZ, Gloria Liliana

BITTINGER, Roy Willard and GRONDAHL, Gail Dee

BRABANT, Brent Michael and LUCAS, Whitney Marie

BROWN, Justin Tyler and CASTEEL, Katy Lee

CANTRELL, James Edward and COLBY, Melisa Lea Hill

CHAPLAR, Daniel Wayne and WILLAND, Aimee Marie

CHILDS, Robert Dwane and GERHARDT, Kimberly Jo

CHONG, Mark and KIM, Seong Eun

DAAB, John Lee and OLSON, Rust Cindy Lu

DILLAN, Zach Hunter and VAKULCHIK, Natalya Yuryevna

DiMAGGIO, Brandon Peter and WESTLING, Britnie Kristine

DREVENCHUK, Vitaly and VANAGS, Svetlana Nikolaeyvna

ELTON, Steven Jack and FOXWORTHY, Karol Lynne

FARGO, Brandon Thomas and BURGOYNE, Kacee Marie

FORSLAND, Geoffrey Donald and HAIGHT, Eleanor Sonja

GARVIN, B.J. and SCHLATTMANN, Kristie Dawn

GOLEMBEWSKI, Andrew Ryan and FLORES, Santos

Gouge, Daunte David and WISSLER, Kathrin Kaye

HERNANDEZ, Juan Carlos and AMBRIZ MARTINEZ, Marcela Alejandra

HIATT, Jeffrey King and DE LAS ALAS MARNITH, Janice Javelosa

HIGGINS, David Lewis and BETTENCOURT, Nathalie Blanche

HILTON, Christopher James and RENDON, Kathryn Nicole

HONAN, David William and KINKEAD, Cortney Jene

HUGHES, Robert Andrew and LADISER, Amy Leigh

KHADAR, Marwan and HARIRI, Sonia Zarah

KLYKOV, Yaroslav Igorevich and KRAVCHUK, Nadezhda Vladimir

KOLESAR, Eric James and SHIMA, Saiko

KRUBALLY, Malick and HASS, Jessica Frances Ruth

LAWSON, Adam Paul and ISLAND, Monica Lynn

LEWIS, Kevin Allen and GAGE, Maria Lenora

LLOYD, Anthony Albert and STITES, Kelly Rose

MARTIN, John Kenji and STANDLEE, Catherine Mary

McGARRY, Robert Joseph and RIDER, Shauna, Kaye

McLEOD, Kendall Barnett, Jr. and BUSTOZ, Audrianna Renee

MEGARD, David Albert, Jr. and KERN, Susan Aleatha

MERCIER, Richard Peter and JONES, Laura Leadier

MOORE, Marlen Dale, II and COOK, Roxanne Lee


NEWMILLER, Robert Edvin and CARMEN, Yolanda Louise

OLSON, Chad Robert and BATDORF, Devra Jeanne

OUTLAW, Taurus Markaureleus and LEWIS-FIELDS, Anetha

PARIS, Timothy James and MATLEAN, Michelle Lynn

PATTERSON, Travis Joe and SAGEN, Kellie Margrete

PETERSON, Toby Scott and BAIJOT, Erin Renee

RAFFETY, Brian Duane and LEON, Maria Paloma

RAZO, Alfredo and CAMACHO, Marisol

RIVERA, Derek Alexander Luis and CARDONA, Iris Shantal

ROBINSON, Kyle Edward and SCHWEIKL, Danielle Cheri

ROSSOW, Jeffery Steven and KJORVESTAD, Delona Linn

RUSSELL, Patrick Alan and SLOAN, Jill Turner

SCHMID, JUohnathan Roy and SNOWDEN, Jennifer Elaine

SIMMONS, Jack Allen and WEAVER, Satyn Louise

SLEGEL, Christopher Robert and BENTSEN, Brandi Gail

STEPCHUK, Igor Vladimir and BARBINA, Liliya Anatolyevna

STOCKS, Joshua Dale and ANDERSON, Jessica Marie

THOMAS, Temonia Bernald, Jr. and HOLLINGTON, Demetria Yvonne

TOWNSEND, Vincent James and LOPEZ, Wendy Nichole

VAN SANT, Jeffrey Peter and AUSTIN, Sara Michelle

VARMA, Jai Siddhart and RIBEIRO, E. Cunha Marta

WATSON, Justin Ray and RHODES, Theresa Nicole

WILSON, Devon Alexander and YELENSKY, Sarah Jean


ALLEN, Matthew and Sadie

ANDERSON, Chad and Erica

AUS, Charles and Paula

BELL, Leroy and SPAS, Koren

BOISSIERE, Eric and CHAPMAN, Barbara

BOOMGAARDEN, Charles and Angela

BOYKO, Nikolay and Yulia

CROWLEY, Michael and Breon

CURTIS, Jonathan and Stephanie


ERICKSEN, Erick and Shirley

FAIRGRAVES, Raleigh and Esther

FOLTZ, Patrick and Dana

FREEMAN, Henry and Leslie

FRIEDEN, Benjamin and Zhora

GIVENS, Mark and TRUSCOTT, Lauren

GRANT, Jeromy and Karly

GREGG, Ian and Tiffany

HARLESS, Todd and Susan

HEARD, Darryl and HARR, Kendal

HOLBROOK, Shawn and Shannon

JOHNSON, Edward, Jr. and Starr

JONES, Wesley and SLATER-JONES, Cara

KARTAK, Brandan and Snow

LYON, Joseph and Christa

NUTTALL, Brian and Rachelle

PRETTYMAN, Thomas and Nancy

RADEBAUGH, Jason and Lea

REMICK, Wyatt and ROGERS, Catheline

RUSHER, Peter and Crystal

SCHROEPPEL, Jeffrey and Terri

SHATTUCK, Todd and Joanne

SKREDSVIG, Paul and Shenna

SPRAGUE, Timm and Maureen

STANKEY, Russell and Louise

TAGLE, Richard and COLLINS, Sydney

THOMAS, Edward and Sylvia

TORAN, Jacolby and TURNER, Dayjanay

WIELANDT, Steven and SCHUBLOM, Sherry

WILHITE, Justin and Niy


Sept. 18: Cook, June, 92, Mill Creek

Sept. 3: Mendoza, Fernando, 18, Burlington

Sept. 7: Halverson, Kristi, 45, Arlington

Sept. 8: Williams, Jeanne, 72, Mountlake Terrace

Sept. 10: Whitkop, Keaton,

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Families begin relocating from public housing complex

Baker Heights is in need of repairs deemed to costly to make, and will be demolished and replaced.

Trail work by juvenile offenders builds resumes, confidence

Kayak Point trails were built out this year by groups from Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

Small fire breaks out at haunted house in Everett

Plastic that was supposed to be noncombustable was sitting next to a hot lightbulb.

Rules of the road for ‘extra-fast pedestrians’ — skateboarders

State traffic law defines them as pedestrians, and yet they are often in the middle of the street.

Distress beacon leads rescuers to Pacific Crest Trail hikers

Two men in their 20s had encountered snow and waited two nights for a helicopter rescue.

City of Everett to give $400K to a nonprofit housing project

The city expects to enter a contract with HopeWorks, an affiliate of Housing Hope.

Everett mayoral campaign is one of the priciest ever

Many campaign donors are giving to both Cassie Franklin and Judy Tuohy.

Volunteers clean up homeless camp infested with garbage

The organization’s founder used to live and do drugs in the same woods.

The way he walked led to police to Everett murder suspect

Then, witnesses said they had heard the man and an alleged accomplice talking about a robbery.

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