Vital Statistics

Marriage Licenses

ADDIS, Dustin Edward and JACOBS, Errin Renee

BELTRAN, Michael Christopher and MUNSON, Danielle Marie

BLOWER, John Keith and McCALLISTER, Susan Lynn

BONO, Drew Matthew and FIRMAN, Jessica Mary

BRIANS, Randall Lee and RICK, Lauren Leah

CASS, David Jonathan and CAMPBELL, Angela Marie

CHEFF, Justin Lee and JONES, Taylor Nicole

CHIGBROW, Kevin Oliver and JEWELL, Carol Frances

COBB, Gary Matthew and RALSTON, Carol Lynn

CONTEH, Lamin Bunja and NJIE-CONTEH, Ndeye

DANG, Tuan Hoang Anh and TRUONG, Thyla Thi

DeMAGGIO, Anthony Trevor and TOLA, Natali Alyssa

EVANS, Jenson Edward and ROETH, Amanda Renee

FANIA, Jason and GRACIA ARZAGA, Maria Diana

FISCHER, Robert Carl and BECK, Rachel Anne

GIBBONS, Kimberly Diane and PHELPS, Timothy Yale

GRINDLEY, Mitchell James and CARTER, Allison Jeanette

HAGEN, Daymon Douglas and HAGEN, Lynsie Faye

HALBERT, Thaddeus Blake and CASEY, Theresa Nicolle

HANSON, Benjamin Ray and MILLER, Kelsey Lynn

HATTENDORF, Donald William and ECKERT, Nanette Diana

HAYES, Ralph Doyle, III and MONTREUIL, Jenise Gaye

HERMAN, David Jon and SRANGBANDITSKUL, Pardthana

HUMPHRIES, Robert Keith and LAMBERT, Sandra Catherine

JAMES, Randy Lee and COOK, Dorthy Valerie

JANES, Shawn Aaron and BEAUDIN, Marley

KANYI, Seedy and OUEDRAOGO, Felisa Reene

KELLY, Paul Gordon and DANA, Tiffany Mae

KELSEY, Preston Kenyon and TAYLOR, Vanessa Eva Allice

KILKENNY, Harry Emberson and SIMMONS, Linda Lorraine

KNOWLES, Jamie Alan and WALKER, Rachel Leah

KOLB, Eugene Lee and DUNAWAY, Tanya Elaine

KUENNING, LaMark Harold and LEE, Maria Dawn

LANCASTER, Keith Anthony and LOPEZ, Rosa Cristina

LEQUE, Christopher James and BOZZO, Cara Denise

LONG, Jeremy Hugh and THOMAS, April Dawn

LOPEZ, Branden Adam and SCHULLER, Breanna Lee

LUBBERS, Benjamin Joel and JAMES, Rochelle Rose

MacDONALD, Brett Gordon and WALDEN, Stephanie Rebecca

MALMEVIK, Thomas Olof and GIBB, Patricia Grace

MANNING, Daniel Patrick and POWERS, Chelsea Tanya

MARCUSON, Kenneth James and FREI, Danielle Marie

MARISCAL, Anthony Richard and SYLVESTER, Chelsea Lynn

MAST, Jonathan Joshua and DAVISON, Amy Lynn

MATTSON, Wayne Edward and RICE, Robin Lynn

McCLURE, Joseph Allen and GENTRY, Camille Jeanne

MERCER, Ryman Lander and CROWE, Amber Nicole

MILLER, Albert Justin and LEE, Krystina

MILLER, James Cortez and CAVINESS, Constance Marie

MILLER, Ryan Michael and SAGNIS, Janice Nahealani

MOTHERSBAUGH, James Ian and NICKERSON, Corinne Ann

MURRAY, Joshua Lawrence and GOJKOVICH, Trista Rashell

NEAL, Erik Jeffery and HALEY, Krystal Andrea

NEWBERG, Jaymey Anthony and YOST, Kelly Lynn

NICHOLSON, Christopher Joseph and CAVANAGH, Bo Mee

NUSSBAUM, Christopher Daniel and SALL, Jennell Rebecca

PARIS, Jonathan Richard and MASON, Stephanie Michele

PIERCE, Barton Leslie and ANDERSON, Patricia

PINZA, Anthony Andrew and CHURCHILL, Miran Suk

PURKISS, Jacy Dalen and LONERGAN, Honora Mathilde

REPACI, Vincent Julius and BAIR, Tammy Renee

RICHARDSON, Cody James and KEEN, Kyla Elizabeth

RUSHING, Terry Douglas and FORYS, Erica Renee

RUSSELL, Travis August and PARKER, Deborah Marie

SALMERON MONTENEGRO, Jose Esteban and GRAZINI, Leah Labrisca

SCHMIDT, Lucian Stephen and SHAW, Magali Ann Luis

SCHWEITZER, Jordan Michael and COLEMAN, Sarah Dawn

SCHWIGER, Philip Andrew and MORO, Nichelle Kendra

SCOTT, Jesse Eugene and BROWNE, Joan Ellen

SORIANO, Gines Eduardo and CHAPIN, Preston Skye

STRANGE, Nathan Elliot James and McCOURT, Tara Ann Louise

TESTERMAN, Aaron James and BERNHARD, Diana Sue

THAYIL, Daryl John Edward and REBER, Caitlin Cole Susan


TORVE, Benjamin Tyler and JOHNSON, Emily Marie

WIBBELMAN, Lauren Eric and KLUTH, Nancy Ann

WOODS, Nicholas Scott and FESMIRE, Alexandria Lea

WRIGHT, Seon Paul and BIRCH, Stephanie Ann

WUTZKE, Brian Kirk and BAKER, Amber Dawn

YOUNG, Thomas Henry and SMITH, Joleen

YTREEIDE, Benjamin Peter and WEIRBACH, Charissa Nanette


ALOISIO, Justice and JACOBS, Errin

ARMEY, Lyman and Linda

BRADY, Michael and Mandy

BREWER, Christopher and Bree

BRIGGS, Robert and Amy

BROWN, Rodney and HUTCHENS, Diane

CADY, George and Jennifer

CLINE, Reid and Lesya

DAWSON, Rebecca and KAKLECIK-DAWSON, Christine

DUDLEY, David and EKHOFF, Joanne

FERRELL, Rick and Deborah

FIKAK, Goitom and HABTE, Leterufael

GILLIHAN, Dwight and Kristi

GRADEN, Gerald and Kathleen

GRAHAM, Donald and Kim

GROMOV, Kirill and Jessica

HAMID, Usman and SHEIKH, Umara

HARVEY, Justin and Diana

HEREDIA, Nestor and RODRIGUEZ, Bernarda

HLOOKOFF, Allan and Teri

HONG, Sengkun and SUN, Phola

HULBERT, Lucien and Deanna

JACKSON, Daniel and Emily

KENYON, Don and Susan

KIM, San and OH, Hee

LONG, Keith and Rhonda

MOORE, Danny and Kathleen

MORRISON, Tracy and Heather

NYHART, David and Chia

OLSON, Willis and Ginger

PRAYOGO, Aloysius and MANDOLANG, Veronica

ROBERTS, III, David and BRETT, Ashley

ROHNER, Eric and Tanya

SKORUPA, Mark and Karen

SMITH, William and Zdenka

SNIDER, Kenneth and Kathleen

STROTHER, James and COINCON, Brooke

THOMAS, Caleb and HILL, Alexa

VERWOLF, Brian and Darlene

VIOLETTE, Thomas and TAYLOR, Linda

WILMER, Steven and Kimberlie

ZINN, Curtis and Jessica


August 8: Robbins, Marjorie, 96, Everett

August 11: Yoncher, Joni, 41, Everett

August 12: Smith, Thomas, 59, Snohomish

August 13: Morgan, Kurt, 50, Everett

August 15: Anderson, Eugene, 85, Everett

August 15: Schultz, James, 89, Everett

August 15: Garcia, Jane, 89, Lynnwood

August 15: Anderson, Jeanne, 82, Everett

August 15: Bates, Radall, 50, Granite Falls

August 15: Kalman, Irma, 96, Lynnwood

August 16: Lowe, Peter, 46, Edmonds

August 16: Applegate, Ross, 91, Snohomish

August 16: Jensen, Harolda, 94, Mountlake Terrace

August 16: Heinzerling, Dean, 54, Snohomish

August 16: Snow, Dolores, 87, Marysville

August 17: Barney, Janis, 77, Everett

August 17: Morley, Robert, 72, Everett

August 17: Simonton, Paul, 91, Lynnwood

August 17: Watson, Michael, 48, Mounttlake Terrace

August 18: Hurtubise, Robert, 90, Edmonds

August 18: Nearing, Lisette, 73, Arlington

August 18: Andersen, Arnold, 92, Lynnwood

August 18: Taylor, Robert, 67, Edmonds

August 18: Fenney, Timothy, 52, Lynnwood

August 19: Batok, Mary, 83, Sultan

August 19: Doleshel, Gloria, 82, Everett

August 19: Fecteau, Douglas, 56, Mountlake Terrace

August 19: Clogston, William, 77, Brier

August 19: Dick, Roger, 68, Snohomish

August 19: Gilbert, Alice, 92, Arlington

August 19: Studley, Roderick, 74, Stanwood

August 20: Parrish, Doris, 78, Mountlake Terrace

August 20: Clark, Daniel, 64, Lake Stevens

August 20: Miller, Gerald, 76, Marysville

August 20: Barnhart, Carolyn, 75, Everett

August 20: Snyder, Dianna, 71, Stanwood

August 21: Angell, Gary, 64, Bothell

August 21: Douglass, Helen, 79, Tulalip

August 21: Leiker, Susan, 66, Everett

August 21: McDonald, Robert, 81, Snohomish

August 22: Kahakua, Bradford, 57, Everett

August 22: Gilje, Torrey, 50, Gold Bar

August 22: Dompier, Fred, 92, Everett

August 22: Dunne, II, Joseph, 84, Edmonds

August 22: Tsaruk, Ivan, 79, Everett

August 22: Simpson, Virginia, 81, Everett

August 22: Ehret, Morris, 81, Edmonds

August 23: Summers, Claire, 94, Everett

August 23: Gilstrap, Walter, 94, Edmonds

August 23: McMurray, Grace, 75, Everett

August 24: Blockley, Wendy, 86, Stanwood

August 24: Robert, Henry, 79, Darrington

August 24: Adams, James, 78, Everett

August 24: Anson, Wilma, 66, Everett

August 24: Ilnitskaya, Aleksandra, 92, Everett

August 24: Lever, Mimi, 83, Lynnwood

August 24: McFarland, Stanley, 89, Lynnwood

August 24: Walters, Lynette, 80, Marysville

August 25: Moore, Joyce, 83, Lake Stevens

August 25: Dinnsen, Martin, 90, Everett

August 25: Morrison, Timothy, 47, Bothell

August 25: Ramirez, Raymond, 60, Marysville

August 25: Sabin, Peggy, 60, Marysville

August 26: Fernandes, Alexius, 76, Everett

August 26: Lutskov, Davyd, 77, Everett

August 26: O’Connor, Lillian, 88, Marysville

August 26: Akhavuz, Carole, 58, Marysville

August 26: Montoya Jr., Dennis (aka: Dionicio), 74, Arlington

August 27: Bennett, Dora, 91, Lake Stevens

August 27: Henry, Deborah, 59, Arlington

August 28: Kephart, Helen, 90, Arlington

August 16: Barnes, Rebecca, 98, Mountlake Terrace

August 18: Warner, Ida, 71, Lynnwood

August 19: Chambers, Lorraine, 57, Everett

August 20: Sauerland, Hans-Jurgen, 70, Edmonds

August 22: Haverman, Lloyd, 89, Granite Falls

August 22: Mee, Robert, 49, Everett

August 22: Duckett, Robert, 92, Arlington

August 23: Reilly, Terrance, 61, Tulalip

August 23: Adkisson, Mary, 93, Everett

August 23: Fogle, James, 75, Monroe

August 23: Porter, Mable, 95, Everett

August 24: Dwinell, Donna, 90, Monroe

August 24: Carr, Roy, 70, Stanwood

August 24: Anderson, Jr., Arnold, 66, Everett

August 24: Neal, James, 43, Lake Stevens

August 24: Jewett, Stephen, 57, Stanwood

August 24: O’Neal, Jon, 75, Snohomish

August 24: Mikel, Joseph, 24, Marysville

August 25: Curry, Dolores, 91, Edmonds

August 25: Myers, John, 70, Arlington

August 25: Preston, Alis, 79, Stanwood

August 25: Stanton, Evelynn, 89, Everett

August 25: Martin, Robert, 73, Everett

August 25: Due, Jr., Donald, 80, Edmonds

August 25: Stenvik, Lois, 87, Everett

August 26: Bailey, Iris, 89, Edmonds

August 26: Hudson, Carol, 71, Marysville

August 26: Newquist, Donald, 82, Sultan

August 26: Edwards, Richard, 84, Everett

August 26: Beene, Mark, 53, Marysville

August 26: Benefiel, Jacqueline, 87, Clinton

August 26: Closovschi, Petre, 61, Arlington

August 26: Maurel, Wilma, 91, Edmonds

August 27: Joslin, June, 93, Marysville

August 27: Gilbert, Ruth, 75, Lynnwood

August 27: Metzger, Laverne, 79, Lynnwood

August 27: Ronan, Carole, 78, Bothell

August 27: Barabas, Helen, 95, Mountlake Terrace

August 28: Bacoka, Natalie, 90, Everett

August 28: Heiret, Doris, 88, Everett

August 28: Kuller, John, 80, Edmonds

August 28: De Sautelle, Corey, 25, Everett

August 28: Harrison, Gerald, 70, Everett

August 28: Hobart, Dorothy, 84, Lynnwood

August 28: Sapiens, Joe, 63, Lynnwood

August 28: Dawson, James, 81, Everett

August 28: Riley, Louise, 80, Edmonds

August 29: Grannell, Charlotte, 73, Arlington

August 29: Clayton, Shirley, 79, Everett

August 29: Norbeck, Wilma, 94, Arlington

August 29: Rabe, Myrle, 91, Arlington

August 29: Steinlight, Carol, 57, Everett

August 29: Bulger, Isobel, 92, Edmonds

August 29: Kim, Dong, 92, Everett

August 30: Markham, Paula, 62, Arlington

August 30: Schneider, Lawrence, 81, Bothell

August 30: Isidoro-Sandoval, Jesus, 26, Arlington

August 30: Fish, Pearl, 84, Snohomish

August 31: Kirby, Henry, 85, Everett

September 1: Nelson, Marcella, 92, Marysville

September 1: Smith, Allan, 70, Everett

September 1: Wilson Jr., Herbert, 77, Everett

September 2: Miglio, John, 58, Monroe

September 2: Dysart, Ramah, 97, Everett

September 2: Giesler, Virginia, 62, Marysville

September 4: Poole, Gene, 84, Oak Harbor


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

TRENT, Amanda and ESPINO-YANEZ, Andres, Sedro Woolley, boy, August 28

ELIZONDO, Eugenia and Bernardo, Lake Stevens, girl, August 29

BARNHART, Angela and Peter, Arlington, boy, August 30

BARKER, Breanna, Marysville, boy, August 31

McGUIRE, Jessica and Lee, Arlington, boy, September 1

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