Vital Statistics


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

HARTMAN, Jillian and Nathan, Arlington, boy, July 24

WRIGHT, Jentry and Joe, Darrington, girl, July 25

XAVIER, Kathryn, Arlington, girl, July 27

NEWELL, Shana and Thomas, Arlington, boy, August 6

SPADY, Camilyn and George, Arlington, boy, August 9

Marriage licenses

BOEV, Igor Viktorovich and ZAKHAROVA, Ekaterina Yurievna

ZIMENKO, Aleksey D. and GLADCHENCKO, Vera G.

TAYLOR, James Allwood, Jr. and PETERSON, Lenore Maxine

JENKINS, Toby Ryan and DONALDSON, Jennifer Lynne

KRIEG, Jesse James and ZENG, Shu Fang

McIVER, Wesley Roy and NGO, Thuy Vi

CAMPBELL, Mason Vaughn Douglas and MARMONT, Stephanie Nicole

NICHOLAS, Zachary Sayre and LEWIS, Barbra Jean

ABDALLAH, William Salem and NOLLMEYER, Courtney Renee

VUADREU, Sailasa Legeti and RADRAVU, Alumita Tale

MUNOZ, Hugo Francisco and MUNOZ, Rosario Yolanda

PERRY, Adam Stephen and FRANZ, Marecel Collado

ALMGREN, Karl David and SNYPP, Amanda Maria

SALMASSY, Jason Ryan and FRUEHAUF, Mallory Dianne

PFEIFF, Tyler Michael and CARINO, Amanda Ashley

McINTYRE, Justin Lee and BLANCHARD, Kimber Leann

SCHMUCK, Matthew Lawrence and ALBRECHT, Adrienne Lea

COTA ESTRADA, Luis Alfanso and ARREDONDO LOPEZ, Paula Lucia

FAIR, Joseph Daniel and HAYES, Margaret Elizabeth

WEBER, Alexander and DYUKAREVA, Yekaterina Petrovna

MILLER, Michael Russell and MACINNES, Jill Amelia

COONEY, Jake Justin and JOHNSON, Amanda Rae

MORGAN, Kevin Lee and PERAGINE, Tina Marie

CASSELMAN, Richard Lee and RODRIQUEZ, Alanna Donielle

MAULDIN, Oren Leroy and WIKE, Rebecca Jean

BOEDE, Wesley Ryan and COLEBOURN, Jenifer Ann

BACON, Anthony Robert and ALBRECHT, Mallory Elizabeth

LARSEN, Dane Randal and DEHAAN, Reyna Juline

CARBAJAL, Norman Frank and RUKSTAD, Cali Marisa

SNIDER, Ian Tristan and CURTIS, Desiree Destinee

WARNOCK, Brian Christopher and MAGNOTTI, Jacqueline Debra

MANNING, Kevin Christopher and McCONNELL, Melissa Ann

ANDERSON, John Virgil and ELWOOD, Samantha Jo

MURPHY, James Patrick and FELZER, Teresa Louise

DEBESAI, Meron Tesfaslassie and YONAS, Adiam

GRAY, Eric Fielding and RISTEA, Adriana

MOHR, John Michael and MADSEN, Evelyn Lynette

TRANG, Sean Xuyen and DANIELS, Kelene Kealani Marisa

HAYLES, Christopher Ian and LARSON, Jennifer Gale

NGUYEN, Luan and VUONG, Anh Quynh

HOUSE, Isaac Robert and GRANT, Megan Marie

McKELLAR, Thomas Richard and SHEDRICK, Tiffany Gale

BRYANT, Eric Drew and PYLANT, Patricia Ann

RIEL, Bryon Donavan and MacDONALD, Laurie Ann

NEEDHAM, Michael Vernon and LEONARD, Julie Lorraine

LEE, Howard Kuo-Hao and CUI, Lirong

TRUONG, Hoang Duc and NGUYEN, Uyen Thuy

HOUVENER, Hunter Christian and ROHRBACH, Caitlyn Marie

PELLEBOER, Kevin Todd and WRIGHT, Tanya Kristine

SIMAO, Joseph, Jr. and DUPREY, Leanna Patricia

SANDBORG, Karl Richard and GOULD, Annie Laurie Westbrook

BURTON, David William and McCLAREN, Gabrielle Nichole

AMARAL MUNOZ, Jorge Alberto and DEGOLIER, Lee Ann

RAMOS, Ramil I. and BOONSRIPISAL, Naruetai

BAKER, Alexander Charles and LOUTHAN, Julie Ann

ANDERSON, Bruce Ferris and JENSEN, Jessica Cherise

POLIAK, Bruce Alan and MINUET, Lauri Kay

WILLIAMS, Randal Newell and NILSEN, Julie Ann

BERGLUND, Joseph Victor and JERUE, Lindsey Ann

LESLIE, Andrew Bradbee and HARRIS, Breanne Nicole

CURLEY, Devin Roy Edward and MALEY, Jacquelyn Marie

COELHO, Kevin Lee and WALKER, Elizabeth McLena

OLSON, Alexander Earl and HAIGH, Lindsay Renee

ANDERSON, Jeffrey William and HALE, Danielle Elisabeth

FENIN, Viktor Timofeyvich and GAVRISH, Svetlana Valeryevna

VAN ALSTINE, Keith Robert and KIMBALL, Charlene Marie

MONNETT, Bruce Kimball and CARTON, Christina Nicole

WEAVER, Frank Parks, III and WILLIAMS, Mia Lauren

FOUNTAIN, Scott Edward Floyd and SCOTT, Jillian Marie

CARLSON, Darin Michael and BOVE, Wendy Joan

EIKENBERRY, Timothy Lee and LITWIN, Karis C.J.

McENTIRE, Douglas Herald and LA-LONDE, Lisa Marie

LLOYD, Jeffrey Len and GOMEZ, Jasmaine Diane

KELLY, Ashton and STUDEBAKER, Sarah Marie

KERN, Ian Michael and TURNER, Kasey Lynne

NELSON, Michael Lee and HENNINGER, Justine Inez

BOWLING, Mathew Robert and ANGEL, Rebecca Ann

JOHNSON, Ryan Christopher and COOPER, Natalie Diane

COFFMAN, Joseph James and RISK, Shannon Kathleen

HAASE, Jarrid Michael and CLARKE, Kelly Elizabeth

FAKATOUFIFITA, Kanavale and TUPPER, Lisa Louise

HARRIS, Daniel Barden and PARAMYTHERNG, Leslie Daovohn

BEDADA, Lemacha Jacob and WISECARVER, Ariel Leanna

RIDGEWAY, Larry Dean and LE, Andrea Kieu

HOLLADAY, Boyd William and MORIN, Angela Diane

REYES LOPEZ, Aldo and MACEDO GARCIA, Angelica Maria

KANGAS, Turner Robert and DANNER, Lindsay Leigh

VENIKOV, Mikhail Ivan and TATARINOV, Eileen Sergeyevna

JENKINS, Daniel Brian and BROWN, Larry Latisia

PALMER, James Gardner and RINGO, Cynthia Lynn

KULISHOV, Philip Peter and BOYCHUK, Nellya Nikolay

MEYER, Samuel Alexander and McKENZIE, Brittany Marie

CRAIG, Christopher Marshall and LLARENAS, Julie Ann Guzman

MORENO TREJO, Jose Guadalupe and CHURAPE, Beatriz

LIVAK, Illia and GEMPLER, Jessica Mitchelle

CHAMBERS, Craig Stephen and SPARKER, Shannon Marie

GREENWAY, Ryan Nicholas and NYBLOD, Shannon Gloria

MASANGCAY, Daniel Armando, Jr. and DETHMONGKHONH, Barbara

CARSON, William Frank, III and KASENIC, Rachael Chrstine

MONTRI, David Randall and MEREDITH, Dawn Elizabeth

WHEAT, Tyson Alan and GRIFFIN, Rachel Anne

GREEN, Curtis Lee and SANTIAGO, Kirstin Matilda

MARSHALL, John Cameron Lewis and BARHANOVICH, Nicole Marie

WOOSLEY, Matthew Dee and SCOLLARD, Allison Lee

HUGHES, Douglas Jess and HOFFMAN, Jessica Rebecca

BROWN, Jesse Ryan and RODRIGUEZ, Francesca Nicole

SHIM, Han Hyunsik and SONG, Eui Jung

KANTEH, Abubacar and JEANETTE, Jacqueline

CARLSON, William Leighton and MOORE, Bonnie Lee

BIHM, Sonny Austin and VANDOLAH, Laramie Quinn

KOSTANICH, Albert Anthony and JOHNSON, Jennifer Rebecca

BORTHWICK, Samuel Abraham and TENNYSON, Caitlyn Joy


ROBISON, Charles Wesley and WATERSTREET, Linda Sue

LINDAMOOD, John Tragaton and BAKER, Janice Terry

PARR, Nicholas Wade and GUSTAFSON, Kelly Lynne

LORD, Kyle James and HILLAIRE, Anitra Dolora

WEBB, Nicholas Gage and VIRAK, Jessica Ann

GONZALEZ, Pascual Estrada and DELGADO, Blanca Martinez

BLAKE, William Henry and FULTON, Tracy Lynne

GRAHAM, Colton Robert and ROSENAUER, Emily Matea

SPRINGER, Joshua Norman Edward and TOMPKINS, Jamie Lee


VAN MIEGHEM, Peter and Teresa

BANKS, Hugh E. and Amy A.

LYNCH, James and Allison

CORONADO, Adriel and Laurie

COLE, Jonathan and Britney

STOVALL, Andrew and Kelly

KIM, Yongbae and MIN, Aiery

BEISEL, Daniel and Cheryl

DEKAY, Kevin and HAUTENNE DEKAY, Danielle

KELLOGG, Akeem and Patricia

DIAZ, Anthony and Wendy

SKINNER, Jonathan and Hannah

ADLER, Ross and Willidean

HUFF, Robert and Holly

GREGG, Robert and Kathryn

VALENZUELA, Manuel and Shannon

LOVE, William and Crystal

DOWNEY, Nathan and Randee

GARRISON, Charles and Betty

ZIPP, James and Kathryn

STOUT, Steven and Roberta

SCOTT, Shad and GTwendolyn


PEACH, Bram and Ericka

SALCIDO ORTEGA, Jorge and Nicole

WALKER, Mark and Heather

DORMAN, Ryan and Bertine

LIQUIDO, Ricardo and Erlinda

ANDERSON, Andrew and Jennifer

McCOY, James and HENDERSON, Candice

DAVIS, Ray and Kris

NELSON, William and Patricia

SOPHEANEY, Hem and MEAN, Sophea


RATLIFFE, Otis and Sherry

PARTIDA, Saul and SIKORRA, Rachael

ACKERMAN, Michael and NICHOLSON (aka GEORGE), Crystal


BIRASHK, Farzad and Sheila

JATTA, Matarr and Leslie


July 31: Albert, Richard, 82, Bothell

July 29: Arneson, Anna, 82, Everett

July 30: Holthusen, Mabel, 84, Everett

July 29: Olson, Deborah, 57, Snohomish

July 28: Logan, Helen, 93, Mill Creek

July 31: DeLung, Shirley, 95, Snohomish

July 26: Gaswint, Edith, 71, Everett

July 27: Gutierrez, Esther, 49, Everett

July 30: Botting, Laurie, 51, Arlington

July 23: Kelly, Joan, 75, Monroe

July 26: Kiesser, Sr., Donald, 78, Arlington

July 11: Kessler, Gilbert, 80, Lynnwood

July 20: Kularatne, Maddegama, 64, Lynnwood

July 31: Lee, Tai, 90, Lynnwood

July 28: Nelson, Margaret, 86, Mountlake Terrace

July 30: Nations, Billy, 65, Darrington

July 21: Peterson, Kent, 54, Marysville

July 23: Pittman, Jr., Robert, 76, Arlington

July 30: Pokorny, Grace, 98, Everett

July 25: Powitzky, Bertha, 96, Bothell

July 23: Ringhoff, Lydia, 89, Everett

August 1: Manriquez, Jr., Alexander, 77, Arlington

July 29: Arentzen, Frederick, 81, Edmonds

July 31: Cassou Sr., LeRoy, 98, Lynnwood

July 27: Davidson, Elmer, 95, Everett

July 26: Hipol, Salvacion, 94, Bothell

July 26: Kafer, Harold, 89, Bothell

July 30: Kim, Sun Ye, 77, Lynnwood

July 27: Latimore, Ronald, 80, Snohomish

July 30: Lian, Lafern, 83, Marysville

July 27: Patungan, Epifanio, 88, Edmonds

July 31: Pierce, Violet, 30, Marysville

July 29: Bray, Jr., Robert, 65, Arlington

August 2: Allen, Edith, 102, Everett

August 2: Alvarado, San Juana, 61, Edmonds

July 30: Ashraft, Alice, 90, Coupeville

July 31: Chapman, Richard, 62, Tulalip

July 31: Fincher, Karen, 60, Lake Stevens

July 31: Franzen, Derek, 36, Bothell

July 29: Graves, Clara, 98, Everett

July 30: Harman, Ray, 93, Arlington

July 1: Lunsford, James, 48, Everett

July 31: McCadden, Frances, 67, Everett

July 22: Nolet, Lawrence, 71, Stanwood

July 30: Remington, John, 94, Edmonds

July 3: Saffioti, Michael, 22, Mukilteo

July 30: Tarran, Christopher, 59, Snohomish

August 3: Teachout, Gayle, 80, Mukilteo

August 1: Andreasen, James, 54, Startup

August 4: Aranez, Maxima, 88, Everett

August 1: Brown, Mark, 54, Arlington

July 30: David, Mary, 85, Brier

July 27: Fox, James, 85, Sultan

July 21: Hanson, David, 54, Everett

August 6: Helin, Violet, 88, Stanwood

July 31: Johnson, Mary, 85, Marysville

July 29: Nguyen, Duc, 94, Bothell

August 5: Peters, Paul, 66, Everett

August 2: Thompson, Elias, 84, Marysville

August 8: Farias Larios, Maria, 85, Lynnwood

August 6: Lenon, Walter, 70, Everett

July 31: Barker, Nona, 83, Camano Island

August 5: Christenson, Evelyn, 93, Everett

August 3: Coole, Walter, 69, Everett

August 6: Covey, Joan, 75, Marysville

August 5: Davis, Jennifer, 52, Marysville

August 3: Ibsen, Jennie, 95, Everett

August 4: Johnson, John, 66, Marysville

August 7: Labdon, Mark, 51, Marysville

August 6: Martes, Robert, 82, Marysville

August 1: Moe, John, 74, Everett

August 6: Moser, Henry, 85, Bothell

August 2: Noll, Cathy, 53, Lake Stevens

July 29: Ragsdale, Harrison, 64, Snohomish

August 6: Song, Xukai, 89, Edmonds

August 5: Stanness, Kenneth, 82, Marysville

August 2: Thomason, Clinton, 52, Marysville

August 4: Vo, Dung, 55, Lynnwood

August 3: Williams, Walter, 44, Tulalip

More in Local News

Former Monroe cop loses appeal on sex crimes conviction

Once a highly respected officer, he was found guilty of secretly videotaping his kids’ babysitter.

Derrick “Wiz” Crawford, 22, is a suspect in the homicide of his roommate. (Edmonds Police Department)
Roommate suspected in Edmonds killing found hiding in closet

Police had been searching for him for 10 days before locating him at a house in Everett.

Stabbing in Everett follows dispute between brothers-in-law

The victim, 54, was hospitalized. The suspect, 29, had not been apprehended Thursday.

New leaders coming to county, state political parties

Hillary Moralez of Bothell takes over as chair for the Snohomish County Democratic Party.

Camano Island man gets 18 years for role in drug ring

He was convicted of helping lead a drug distribution network in four Washington counties.

Lake Stevens man missing since beginning of January

Jason Michael Knox White hasn’t used his credit card or withdrawn money from his bank since then.

Deal reached on water bill clears way for action on capital budget

A lot of funding will to go toward housing, schools and projects in Snohomish County and statewide.

Stormy weather knocks out power to parts of Everett

About 3,700 PUD customers lost electricity in Snohomish County early Thursday morning.

Young woman missing from Mukilteo found safe

She called her parents and told them she was at a museum in Seattle.

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