Vital Statistics

Marriage licenses

ABBOTT, Ronald Scott and DAVIDSON, Terri Ann

AL-RUBAIE, Ahmad Kasim and ALDHEWALEM, Zahra Jassim

BAILEY, Christopher Merritt and AREVALO NAVARRO, Andrea Nathaly

BARRETT, Reese Stanley and ZORNES, Ariel Alexandria

BATTS, Brian Lewis and CARTER, Lisa

BERNHARDT, Michael Anthony and LOUIE, Diane Delynn

BILLINGS, Clyde Alden, III and PARENGKUAN, Gwendolyn Maureen

BLYSHCHIK, Vitaliy Adamovich and TSINKEVYCH, Lyudmila Ivanovna

BOND, Andrew Paul and KNOWLES, Leah Janette

BOTT, Tyler John and DIMENT, Emily Rebecca

BRODEHL, Dallas Clayton and CHANDLER, Carol Ann

BRYANT, Alan James and BRYANT, Tammy Elizabeth

CANANGO ROJAS, Raul Neptali and CUAYAHUITL, Maria Gisela

CARDIN, Justin Christopher and PENNINGTON, Sheila Rennae

CASTLETON, Elven R. and SIMON, Jessica Michelle

CHURCH, Wess Clayton and CHOUINARD, Ashley Christine

COOLEY, Shaun Howard and SEDENIUS, Beth Pauline

CROSS, Jeremy Joseph and WALLAWINE, Amanda Marie

DARRELL, Miles Kirk and SHELLHORN, Haley Alyssa Bostwick

DEL VILLAR, Tapia Alfredo and LOERA, Laura Jolanda

DIVERS, Justin Tod and ZALESKI, Kimberly Lynn

DOLAN, Cory Matthew and ASHLEY, Jeanette Rae

EARL, Brandon Joseph and BOT, Stephanie Lynne

EBERT, Edward Harding and PROTZELLER, Heather Ruth

ERICKSON, Chad William and CASE, Michele Leah

FANNIN, Stephen Christopher and WOODS, Jennifer May

FISHER, Jared Todd and CLARK, Lindsey Nicole

FULMER, Adam Lee and SHELTON, Dian Kay


GORELYY, Vladimir Vladimirovich and SHISHKO, Tamara Igorevna

GRAYFER, Anton Sergeyevich and MINCHUK, Olga Fedorovna

GUTIERREZ, Juan Marquez and CRIOLLO, Blanca Yeraldin Gutierrez

HARRIS, Jackie Lee and AYERS, Jacquelyne Marie

HARRISON, John Joseph and COTTIER, Mikaelyn August

HARWOOD, Bret Douglas and CHOINIERE, Susan Lee

HEIM, Troy Eilof and HOOD, Nadine Teresa


HERNANDEZ, Alejandro Colchado and SOLIS MARTINEZ, Sara Adriana

HERNANDEZ, Brent James and RMOS, Vanessa

HEWSON, James Bunnell and OAKLEY, Shirley Ann

HILL, Danna Gene and FISHER, Molly Maegen

HUFF, Michael Cameron and GIBBS, Shannon Rae

IVERSON, Jarod Benjamin and SMITH, Nicole Lea

JOLOKAI, Nicholas Gordon and DI-MAIO, Krystina Marie

JONES, Michael Wendell and BUTTOLPH, Marissa Kae

JORGE ALVAREZ, Roberto Carlos and LEON MORENO, Oriris Yared

KIERNAN, Matthew Vincent and HOFFMAN, Jessica Mae

KILLAM, Tyler James and CASTRO, Julie Lyn

KING, Kyle Lee and SVED, Jennifer Nicole

KON, Jacob Myles and WALTER, Kayla Jeananne

KRAUSE, Nathan Daniel and BURRESS, Kimberly Michele

KUSA, Vilmos and JAGOS, Maria

LE, Tuan Anh and PHAM, Tuyet-Hanh Thi

LEE, Alzavia Prinston and STEWART, Kenya Shenell

LEMKE, Duwayne Otto and LEMKE, Vernie Maxine

LEMMON, Kenneth Patrick and COBURN, Kate Lyn

LOCKHART, Jacob Leon and MOSKVIN, Sara Lynn


LOWE, Michael John and SCHWARZMILLER, Adrian Gay

MADDUX, Jason Earl and PENTER-PHILLIPS, Ashlee Ellen

MAHER, Kevin Bruce and BLANTON, Jeari Lynn

MARSHALL, Leo Christian and MILES, Katherine Marie


MARTINEZ, Feliciano Adelaldo and TORRALBA, Maria Carmelita

McCOY, Theodore Benjamin and DO, Dinh Thi

McCREA, Trevor Shane and GILE, Lauren Kristina

McLEOD, Chad Michael and HARRINGTON, Bobbi Annalee

MORENO, William Frank and MORENO, Gail Marie

MORRIS, Alexander Gretton and SCHMITT, Maria May

MUGGE, James Michael and MILLER, Brittney Cirissa

MUKHAYA, Barry Ashiono and MAGTUBA, Ermalyn Gipaya

NGUYEN, Thai Hong and DANG, Tracy Trang

NIES, John Raymond and McKAMEY, Stephanie Sue

NIKKEL, Evan Douglas and KIRK, Lacey Holly Rene

NOU, Savin Thai and NOU, Laun Soy

OSORIO CHAVEZ, Pedro Ramiro and PEREZ, Izachel

POSTMA, Matthew Charles and STEBERL, Jessica Leigh

POTTS, Stephen Michael and FISCHELS, Tarra Leah

PRASAD, Avinesh and HANSEN, Jessica Rey

PRUEK, Sarith and McDONALD, Kristina Kyong

RAYMER, Brett Guy and EDWARDS, Chrystal Erin

ROSS, Christopher Allen and McANAW, Tricia Lea

SANNER, John Ernest and ARGO, Peggy Joan

SAUNDERS, John Boyd and PEYTCHEVA, Adriana Dimitrova

SCHAUT, David Joseph and MAURER, Nancy Louise

SCOTT, Bryan-David and WESTALL, Amy Marie

SHEPHERD, Steve Micheal and WHALEY, Christa Elizabeth

SIGMAN, James Douglas and SHATTUCK, Alysha Donne

SIMONSON, David William and MOTARI, Kathleen Joy

STOVALL, Moody Larry Jermaine and BOWN, Jenny Marie

SUTTON, John McIntosh and CORAM, Linda Kay

SZALDA, Nathan Thomas and BEEBE, Jamey Deanne

TABIT, Charles Joseph and CLARK, Josie Ann

TAYLOR, Quindarren Donta and RUNNELS, Geneccia Gennell

THOMAS, Loren Stewart and ULRICH, Kelli Suzanne

THOMPSON, Joshua Eugene and ANDREWS, Kristen Nicole

TUUAMALEMALO, Augustus Robert and LUAU, Kenysha Taililigo

UMAYAM, Edwin Elamparo and STANLEY, Charlene Riquette

WELCH, Jacob Michael and FITZGIBBONS, Kaela Lian

WILLIAMS, Daniel Lee and RIALL, Phallen Alexandra

WILSON, Brendon Ellis and SHONE, Tiffany Marie

WOLF, James Gasper and BALDUCCI, Jean Marie


ZIRGI, Moghaddam Ramin and MOKHTARI, Rooba


May 27: Bauer, June, 74, Arlington

May 2: Rubin, Arthur, 64, Lynnwood

May 4: Linton, Betty, 83, Everett

May 9: Spelman, Tim, 68, Arlington

May 17: Sontay-Kennedy, Rebecca, less than 1, Marysville

May 17: Sontay-Kennedy, Rosa, less than 1, Marysville

May 19: Vanhulle, Frank, 92, Monroe

May 21: Horn, Dale, 74, Bothell

May 21: Swanson, Kimberly, 50, Marysville

May 22: Brown, Ruth, 89, Edmonds

May 23: Rozelle, Barbara, 84, Everett

May 24: Brekke, Anne, 92, Everett

May 24: Petitt, Shirley, 68, Edmonds

May 24: Bennett, Alalie, 67, Lynnwood

May 25: Hammer, Darleen, 85, Marysville

May 25: Johnson, Alan, 75, Tulalip

May 25: Lambley, Tatsuko, 90, Bothell

May 25: Crawford, Paul, 88, Snohomish

May 25: Longo, John, 89, Mukilteo

May 26: Damianidis, Steve (aka Stavros), 80, Arlington

May 26: Hathaway, Dennis, 72, Snohomish

May 26: Mayer, Lorraine, 91, Marysville

May 26: Cosner, Steve, 65, Bothell

May 26: Harrell, Bette, 66, Everett

May 26: Higgins, Charles, 67, Everett

May 27: Laborde-Weldon, Britney, 25, Everett

May 27: Lehew, Shannon, 69, Everett

May 27: Martinez, Salvador, 89, Marysville

May 27: Taylor, Charles, 75, Arlington

May 27: Whitman, Pauline, 91, Snohomish

May 28: McGowan, Kitrena, 49, Everett

May 28: Mannon, Linda, 67, Everett

May 28: Francis, Eddie, 55, Arlington

May 28: Gega, Willie, 87, Edmonds

May 29: Bergman, Steven, 75, Marysville

May 29: Hinrichs, Dawn, 42, Bothell

May 29: Hughley, Mary, 78, Everett

May 29: Speer, Gale, 76, Everett

May 29: Lutz, Nancy, 71, Mill Creek

May 29: White Jr., Charles, 46, Marysville

May 30: Shepherd, Marilyn, 93, Edmonds

May 30: Chapman, John, 69, Everett

May 30: Disch, Benson, less than 1, Bothell

May 30: Mann, Sr., Loren, 86, Arlington

May 30: Tarbell, William, 88, Marysville

May 30: Walker, Thomas, 72, Lynnwood

May 30: Landsverk, Roberta, 100, Lynnwood

May 31: Detamore, Roy, 85, Monroe

May 31: Shaw, Alice, 100, Edmonds

May 31: Sieczkowski, Sandra, 45, Woodinville

May 31: Phelps, Jr., Elwin, 83, Mountlake Terrace

June 1: Hyatt, Ann, 100, Snohomish

June 1: Wenger, Lester, 94, Lake Stevens

June 2: Cohrs (aka Thackwell), Loraine, 86, Lake Stevens

June 2: Perry, Judith, 71, Everett

June 2: Dempsey, Mary, 93, Mill Creek

June 2: Peterson, Richard, 93, Lake Stevens

June 2: Sutton, Scott, 56, Everett

June 2: Thomas, Michael, 62, Marysville

June 2: Vokacek, James, 37, Everett

June 3: Lehn, Gertrude, 96, Lynnwood

June 3: Rowe, Rosaleen, 69, Everett

June 3: Seager, Bryron, 85, Everett

June 3: Sedgwick, Harold, 95, Marysville

June 3: Crandall, Louise, 90, Arlington

June 3: Cook, Lawrence, 72, Marysville

June 3: Verheul, Frans, 88, Mukilteo

June 4: Scupp, Frances, 85, Everett

June 4: Kwok, Peter, 74, Mill Creek

June 4: Materi, Willie, 83, Bow

June 4: Myers, Lyle, 79, Marysville

June 4: Peper, Florence, 88, Arlington

June 4: Peterson, Jr., John, 30, Edmonds

June 4: Way, Peter, 77, Mukilteo


Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

STRONG, Caitlin and CASILLAS, Hector, Arlington, girl, May 30

ANTIS, Brandi and Travis, Marysville, boy, May 31

CONBOY, Melissa, Monroe, boy, June 1

DAVIS, Erica and Bradley, Stanwood, boy, June 4

SARICH, Sarah and DORKIN, Michael, Arlington, girl, June 8

DOBSON, Maria and Curtis, Arlington, boy, June 8

JOHNSON, Crystal and Tommy, Arlington, girl, June 8

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Suspect sought in two Everett bank robberies

He’s described as 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-1, with dark hair and a goatee, and may have a neck tattoo.

Two missing men found, one alive and one dead

The man found alive was found in an apartment across the hallway and taken to a hospital.

Jogger unharmed after fending off attacker in Edmonds

Police released video of a man they believe to be the attacker.

Darrington School Board dealing with upheavals

The crux of the controversy seems to be the superintendent’s job.

Alaska Airlines will fly from Everett to 8 West Coast cities

Two destinations that didn’t make the list were Spokane and Hawaii.

Three teens arrested for Marysville school vandalism

Windows were broken and a trash bin was on fire Sunday night at a Marysville middle school.

Langley mayor threatens newspaper with lawsuit

The mayor threatened to sue the paper over claims he withheld public records disclosure information.

Divers called to recover body after train hits pedestrian

The accident was reported by a BNSF crew near Woods Creek in Monroe.

Marysville police send abandoned, unclaimed bikes to Zambia

“Out where we are, a bicycle is upward mobility,” said Kelly Huckaby, a missionary in Africa.

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