Vital Statistics

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Marriage Licenses

ANDERSON, Colin Andrew and BYRD, Jeanette Elizabeth

AQUAYO SALAZAR, Jorge Luis and URIBE, Terrazas Jaqueline

ARMAS, Alberto and MONTES, Katherine Miriam

BARNHART, Tyler Allen and PETERSON, Kyra Charlene

BERGER, James William Lloyd and LEIGHTON, Heather Michelle

BILLINGS, Steven Gregory and CAREY, Kimberlee Ann

BOEHME, Melvin Harold and DAWKINS, Susan Tiona

BOIVIN, Terry William and FOSTER, Jennifer Lee

BROTHERTON, Christopher David and KRACHT, Traysi Kathleen

BROWN, Joseph Daniel and REYES, Jocelyn Leimomi

BURNS, Chase Allen and SARGENT, Chylene Virginia

CALLAGHAN, Colin Robert and DIXON-GRAY, Veronica

CALLANTA, Reginald Christian Mortera and DALY, Sarah Oh

CHAM, Tijan and PORTER, Sona

CHANEY, Jason Matthew and GHIL, Heh Myung

CHEN, Ta-Wei and JUSTASEN, Shelby Lee

CORT, William Daniel and KAHN, Jackie Sue

CREED, Mark Cleveland and BAIER, Michele Jeanette

DALMAN, Daniel William Bray and LYSON, Melissa Jean

DANESHFAR, Sohrab and PHUANAREE, Nutthamon

DELL, Mark Edward and NORBY, Melissa Marie

DO, Tien Van and CHONG, Phuong Tuyet

DURHAM, Daniel Wayne and FORISTER, Dana Eugeana

ENGEL, Aaron Robert and LINTON, Sarah Diane

FETENE, Seifu Worku and NADEW , Meron Masresha

FICK, Wilbert Von and WITTAUER, Debrah Lynn

FOLEY, David Andrew and ZIMMERMAN, Tori Christian

FRENCH, Clifford Bruce and EHLERS, Hazle Russle

FRISINGER, Eugene Edward, Jr. and SJOSTROM, Jolynn Rose

GARCIA, Gaspar Juarez and MARTINEZ, Lucila Hernandez

GEARHART, John Dale, II and KUNDERT, Teri Lanae

GOMEZ CRUZ, Jose Jesus and GAYTAN GASTANEDA, Marcela Gicela

HEIDER, Matthew Andrew and PANANGANAN, Janet Ballon

HILL, Erick James and STROUF, Brittany Morgan

HOOVER, Michael Eric and MORGAN, Pam Larae

HORTON, David Christopher and HURTUBISE, Ashley Roberta Ann

HUYNH, Tra Thanh and VO THU, Ngan Thi

IGLESIAS, Joseph Roberto and LINGAT, Sarah Joyce Macabali

INMAN, Bradley Ashford and THORP, Colette Dee

JENNINGS, Dawidi Baraka and IRWIN, Corinne Elizabeth

JENNINGS, Joshua Keegan and MANLEY, Jennifer Ruth

KEES, Brandon Gene and JOHNSON, Colleen Marie

KHALIL, Mina Naeem and GOBRAIEL, Silvea Magdy

KLEIN, David Andrew and SMITH, Jourdyn Ashley

KOLOMIYETS, Daniel Petrovich and KAPARCHUK, Yuliya Leonidavna


MAINE, Patrick Joseph and HAND, Kymberly Deniece

MARQUEZ CONTRERAS, Eduardo Evaristo and HOMANN, Abby Renee

MASON, Brandon Michael and HASSLER, Summer Joy

MAWET, Joshua Michael and BOYLE, Sabrina Mary

McGRAW, Jon Anthony and REYES, Sally Odoca

MEEK, Kevin Mikel and RASMUSSEN, Kendall Lynn

MOGOLLAN ROJAS, Oliver Enrique and DELGADO COBOS, Ma Del Carmen

NASBY, Kyle Gordon and SULLIVAN, Brittany Vianna

NICHOLSON, Enoch Christopher and HALL, Elizabeth Kay

OHLEMEIER, Eric Samuel and YODER, Samantha Joanne

PADILLA, Erik Gregorio and REEVES, Meaghan Jeanne

PAYNE, Jeffrey Earl and WHITE, Amanda Michelle

PETERSON, Richard Philip and WARREN, Carol Margaret

PFEIFFER, Justin Gordon and ESPARZA, Sierra Danielle

PLACHTA, Michael James and CLAUSEN, Katherine May

RAND, John Charles and HOFFMAN, Mary Bergit

REGNERE, Jesse Scott, Jr. and VAN VOLKENBURG, Michelle Lynn

REICKS, William Matthew and BAUTISTA, Kassey Dacumos

RESENDIZ-BUSTOS, Gerardo and CONTRERAS, Clariza Faviola

RIDDLE, Colin James and NADHAN, Priya Lachmi

ROGERS, Lucas McKinley and EAGLE, Jennifer Marie

ROSS, Jazon Stewart and GROSS, Kelli Rea

SAINE, Tijan and SAINE, Mama Saho

SANTIESTEBAN, Gabriel, Jr. and SCHMIDT, Lorelei Danielle

SMITH, Jason Gregory and REIFEL, Noelle Lynn

SOPHONSIWONG, Kittidej and HAMONTREE, Rapeeporn

SPARKS, Tyler John and LEVY, Amber Marie

STAPLES, Terry Lee and HANKINS, Kellie Janene

STEPHEN, Sheldon Shane and PILLAY, Visha Mani

WALDAL, Mark Edwin and BARTLETT, Dawn Marie

WARN, Michael Ian and SELL, Elisabeth Anne Julison

WEAVER, Daniel Lee and DOUGHERTY, Erica Christine

WHITE, Travis James and O’CONNOR, Ruby Katrina

WILSON, Don Ray and GIRTEN, Michelle

WORTHINGTON, Andrew Dole and WEYERTS, Sarah Marie


APGAR, Fred and Mary

BERNARD, April and THIEL, Karen

BESSE, David, Jr. and Rebecca


BURNS, Matthew and Liane

BYWATER, John and Michelle

CARNEVALE, Americo, Jr. and Jill

CHANDLER, Gerone and Monica

CODY, Harlow, Sr. and Judy

FAGERLAND, Elmer and Naomi

GAUTHIER, Daniel and Jacqueline

GEORGE, Michael and Karleen

GIBBS, Aaron and Karolyn


GREENE, Charles and Becky

HARLOWE, Matthew and Robin

HUMPHREY, Glenn and Nancy

HUTCHINSON, Michael, Jr. and Aupriann

JOHNSON, Tyler and Jessica

KUSSMAN, Bruce and Anissa

LARSON, Bruce and Victoria

LOVE, John and Kimberly

McCONNELL, Jerry and Robin

McEVERS, Paul and HERBEKIAN, Shakeh

MIKULSKY, Robert and Charmane

MINNEMAN, Andrew and HERRON, Kevin

MONAGHAN, Chad, Jr. and Jessica

MORSE, Kristopher and Danna

MURPHY, Gary and SAMSON, Debbie

NAGATA, Steven and GOTO, Courtney

NAIKOVU, Leith and Mikaele


OWENS, Beau and Anna

REILLY, Thomas and LIN, Sharon

RYAN, Edward and KITSON-RYAN, Brenda

SHARMA, Deepak and DIXIT, Nitasha

SORAICH, Lewis and Peggy

STEPHENS, Jamie and EMMETT, April

THETFORD, Anthony and SWANSON, Emily

TILLMAN, Joshua and Julie

TORGERSON, Jack and Janet

TORSETH, Chadwick and Casandra

TRIESCHMANN, Daniel and Janelle

VOSLER, Daniel and Theresia

WATERSTRAW, Harvey and Andrea

WILSON, Steven and Jill


April 15: Young, Carlton, 61, Monroe

April 20: Wilson, Grace, 79, Edmonds

April 20: Standish, Miles, 91, Bothell

April 21: Madrid, Caferino, 73, Everett

April 22: Morgan, Dorothy, 82, Lynnwood

April 24: McGuire, Timothy, 64, Marysville

April 24: Williams, Ernestine, 92, Arlington

April 24: Miller, Anna, 74, Everett

April 24: Friesen, Howard, 81, Monroe

April 25: Allen-Bey, Malki, 64, Mtlake Terrace

April 25 Gough, Daniel, 67, Mill Creek

April 25: Rybock, Nancy, 75, Lynnwood

April 26: Johnson, Norma, 90, Everett

April 26: McNicol, Gayle, 94, Edmonds

April 26: Hanvold, Jaiden (aka Lindsey), 25, Lake Stevens

April 27: Williams, Anthony, 38, Everett

April 27: Lybarger, Gladys, 104, Edmonds

April 27: Linnihan, Peggy, 64, Edmonds

April 28: Simms, Donna, 77, Lake Stevens

April 28: Andersen, Kevin, 26, Marysville

April 28: Houser, Gwenlyn, 90, Stanwood

April 28: Mathis, Brenda, 59, Mukilteo

April 28: Benham, Matthew, 35, Arlington

April 28: Spooner, Florence, 93, Bothell

April 28: Wilcox, Jacquelyn, 62, Lynnwood

April 28: Buck, Eleanor, 63, Mtlake Terrace

April 29: Brenna, Flora, 96, Everett

April 29: Viau, Kevin, 55, Lake Stevens

April 30: Carboneau, Wendy, 70, Snohomish

April 30: Morris, Paulette, 66, Bothell

April 30: Rutherford, Sharon, 74, Lynnwood

April 30: Shaw, Sandra, 52, Mukilteo

April 30: Holm, Len, 100, Edmonds

April 30: Nelson, Grant, 95, Snohomish

April 30: Sigurdson, Dorothy, 85, Everett

May 1: Jewell, Delores, 79, Stanwood

May 1: Warvie, Barbara, 66, Lynnwood

May 1: Kitchen, Eileen, 57, Camano Island

May 1: Istre, Thomas, 85, Everett

May 1: Manheim, Florita, 71, Edmonds

May 1: Moultray, Hilda, 100, Marysville

May 1: Muller, Sarah, 83, Edmonds

May 1: Scott, Roy, 72, Brier

May 2: Magrilio, William, 88, Everett

May 2: Grant, Harlan, 79, Camano Island

May 2: Johnsen, Dorothy, 93, Mtlake Terrace

May 3: Bender, Oline, 74, Monroe

May 3: Betschart, Norma, 65, Edmonds

May 3: Morrissey, Joan, 76, Everett

May 3: Gemeinhardt, Shirley, 55, Edmonds

May 3: Gilham, Robert, 82, Lynnwood

May 3: McKenzie, Margaret, 92, Edmonds

May 4: Matthews, Marshall, 75, Marysville

May 4: Devore, Jason, 38, Everett

May 4: Sartwell, Stanley, 83, Everett

May 4: Weiss, Joan, 83, Monroe

May 4: Cloninger, Shirley, 73, Arlington

May 4: Kerney, Sanford, 71, Stanwood

May 4: Wallingford, Faith, 83, Arlington

May 5: Duranceau, Karen, 70, Marysville

May 5: Young, Margo, 77, Everett

May 5: Brown, Charles, 90, Mill Creek

May 5: Callan, Brenda, 41, Lake Stevens

May 5: Guzman, Denise, 62, Monroe

May 5: Siebert, Walter, 82, Granite Falls

May 5: Williams, Freda, 82, Tulalip

May 6: Schmidt, Evelyn, 80, Everett

May 6: Ditto, Leroy “Tex”, 94, Everett

May 6: Callahan, Robert, 41, Everett

May 6: Conser, Belva, 74, Marysville

May 6: Reynolds, Carrie, 49, Lake Stevens

May 6: Stickman, Jr., Leonard, 50, Everett

May 7: Baker, Linda, 72, Granite Falls

May 7: Dombroskaya, Olga, 80, Everett

May 7: Wilson, Robert, 77, Edmonds


Swedish Edmonds Hospital, Edmonds

BARBIERI, Tiffany and James, Marysville, boy, May 3

DAQUILA, Emily and WEST-UGARTECHEA, Jacob, Lynnwood, boy, May 4

KOTTSICK, Kelly and BROOKS, David, Everett, girl, May 6

Cascade Valley Hospital, Arlington

DeSALOME-HENNING, Alexandria and HENNING, Dustin, Marysville, girl, May 3

JANEWAY, Stephanie and David, Lake Stevens, girl, May 4

COGHILL, Lisa and Kevin, Arlington, girl, May 4

COX, RaeAnn and JENSEN, Garrett, Arlington, boy, May 7

MIRANDA, Joy and Michael, Marysville, boy, May 8

DAVIS, Tricia and Curtis, Marysville, boy, May 10

SIEVERT, Cherry and AMOS, Richie, Marysville, boy, May 11

CARBAJAL, Ana and Ricardo, Marysville, boy, May 12