Vital Statistics

Marriage Licenses

Solvang, Martin Joffrie and Thomas, Annette Louise

Reijosson, Arto Joachim and Chamberlin, Julie Ann

Karls, Daniel Timothy and Gage, Tiffany Lynn

Mattson, Mikayla Sue and Long, Aarran Ray

Lee, Amy Laura and Lynn, Michael Orlin

Keo, Sery Penh Cheth and Brazil, Ryan Stephen

Ogard, Breanna Michelle and Griffith, Samuel Berson

Drewer, Nicholas Christian and Hendricks, Katherine Alyssa

Kolsky, Tyrone Gary and Paulson, Leesa Cherie

Siahaan, Matthew Prince and Dumadag, Adrianne May

Mcintosh, Donna Rae and Trepus, Bradley Elmer

Patterson, Terrance James Jr and Williams, Meitra Mae

Hayhurst, Darwin Ray and Ogao-Ogao, Claire Eslit

Arens, Michael Patrick and Plant, Bella Delephine

Chhor, Go Chheang and Hay, Sophea

Edeen, Morgan Lee and Booth, Vannessa Leighanne

Behnke, Alma Marie and Morrill, Gloria Kay

Ferreira, Joseph Christopher and Strand, Aubrey Lynn

Bedingfield, Roger Scott and Emanoff, Debra Ann

Holman, Amy Shirlene and Daylo, Amado Dean

Davis, Alfred Onis Ii and Prentiss, Barbara June

Dalrymple, Linden Post and Loreen, Jessica Dawn

Bazemore, Mary Helen and Foster, Jennifer Jo

Preskitt, Matthew Randall and Defrang, Ashley Diane

Cioban, Nadejda Valeri and Chors, Andre Jacob

Johnson, Janet Kay and Smith, David Lee

Trimua, Anta Nyomkpah Aklah and Kpira, Biliboyo

Lovely, Steven Allan and Lopez, Melisa Arreola

Ellwood, Adam Dean and Lenzi, Jessica Rae

Albert, Patricia Anne and Hooker, Julie Anne

Floeting, Jonathan William and Holloway, Stephanie Brynne

Aukerman, Eyvonne Kay and Scoll, Edward Lee Jr

Pendergrass, Sherry LEe and Weltje, Lodewijk Alexander

Nymark, Robert Per and Swisstack, Alisha Michelle

Valentine, Owen Mark and Kwok, Joanna Mw

Hein, Amanda Janeve and Richards, Robert Vernon

Schroeder, Dale Arnold and Gill, Michelle Dawn

King, Shannon Lee and Slattery, John Michael

Ortiz, Guadalupe Sandra and Peterson, Cliretha Heugh

Hodgen, Daniel Joseph Jr and Martin, Alyssa Robin

Radcliff, John Douglas and Stankey, Louise Adel

King, Cameron David and Mattila, Jacquelyn Lee

Steinborn, Jeffery Lee and Lomayeva, Oksana ViachEslavovna

Burns, Tami Ann and Wantola, Mark Edward

Tate, Paul Michael and Pavlik, Bethany Elissa

Herber, John Steven and Sokol, Sara Nadine

Werkhoven, Benjamin Lyle and Motteram, Rebecca Helen

Barcenas, John Allen and Bianco, Dannette Lewin

Perez, Garcia Miguel Angel and Salgado, Suarez Maria De Jesus

Vinson, Jonathon Doyle and Hertel, Amber Nicole

Fox, Andrew Philip and Haugen, Kelsey Jo

Cloutier, Johnathon Charles and Nelson, Jaclyn Marie

Seibold, Craig Lee and Kelley, Lesley Ann

Bergeson, Brian Warren and Eris, Rocio De Jesus

Lawrence, Grant Leslie and Price, Mary Barbara

Thorne, Luke Magnus and Schoenbachler, Adrienne Rose

Vasquez, Angel Jesus and Iglesias, Jasmine

Hepler, Ryan Douglas and Macdonald, Elizabeth Ashley

Kunard, Christopher Joseph and Carrasco, Matias Ariel

Dean, Sabrina Grace and Dean, Katherine Lynn

Kurisu, Kelly Jordan and Lander, Danielle Danae

Mejia, Rojo Sergio and Udave, Sandoval Mireya

Gorash, Nikolay Visliy and Lukomskaya, Alesya Vasilievna

Allen, David Gilbart and Rockwell, Mallory Pauline

Platt, Andrew Dylan and Montgomery, Erin Kimberly

Breton, Cavazos Luisana and Vargas, Cordoba Gustavo

Worley, Seth Wyatt and Mcguire, Jennifer Lynn

Henning, Leo James and Hughes, Theresa Marie

Sipes, David Glenn and Darling, Yani Joy

Koehler, Robert Gerard Jr and Pauritsch, Jaime Leanne

Livell, Barry Stephen and Johnson, Josephine Kathleen

Periot, Crystal Ann and Schwisow, Jason Tyler

Rowland, Kissondra Renee and Giordano, Micah Philip

Nguyen, Luong Phu and Ngo, Huong Hoang My

Scott, Sarah Melissa and Diaz, Ramon Placido

Matheson, Michael Jay and Anderson, Lori Kay

Peters, Colby Ronald and Robbe, Kristen Nicole

Scott, David Bruce and Mckee, Tera Marie

Johnson, Tara Allison and Baier, Nicholas Ray

Baker, Jonathan Dale and Wilson-Angason, Amelia Jane

Plemmons, Scott Charles and Goldthorpe, Jennifer Lynne

Aziz, Rimon Nadi and Harz, Rania Gamil

Olson, Thylor Scott and Crozier, Jessica Meagan

Pirog, Michael Duane and Black, Karen Joyce

Alford, Brittany Danielle and Thomas, Evan Farrel

Rosauer, Lisa Jo and Lantau, Nicole Ann

Merrill, Samantha Jean and Greenwood, Donald Charles

Chepurko, Sergey and Fedorchuk, Nataliya Leonidivna

Ripke, Ryan Joseph and O’Banion Jamie Lynn

Yates, Brett James and Waight, Lacey Christine

Gere, Jordan Michael Mcquiston and Hemingway, Breanna Marie

Elgaen, Andrea Lynn and Oborn, Zachary Charles

Hubbard, Ronald Joseph and Henderson, Melissa Lynn

Westland, Stephen Duane and Rendon, Sofia Carmen

St. Onge, Anthony Brandon and Oldham, Nik-Ko-Te Victoria

Stewart, John Thomas and Butterfly, Susan Katrina

Carmichael, Jesse Gray and Neff, Madeline Christine

Brady, David Marshall Jr and Matz, Carmen Marie

Montague, Donald Dean and Fitzpatrick, Eileen Kathryn

Thornton, Jerry Ryan and Olson, Trent Robert

Webster, Daniel William and Stern, Tara Michelle

McClain, Jerry and Schmidt, Elaine Marie

Roderick, Ashley Nichole and Bowman, Riley Wayne

Ashton, Taylor Catherine and Justice, Colton James William

Sipaque-Cruz Jose Domingo and Pineda, Kathy Louise

Stoffel, Ashley Marie and Kombol, Isaiah Naphtali

Wadsworth, Selina Joy and Ward, Paul Anthony

Richard, Braden James and Merriman, Stephanie Anne

Jones, Dustin Dillon Cody and Strong, Heather Lynn

Lathrop, Steven Glenn and Heidlage, Veronica Estelle

Olson, Hallie Mjoen and Evans, Sean Douglas

Pietzsch, Todd William and Syreen, Shelley Ann

Collisson, Christopher George and Marsh, Penelope Ann

Ramos, Guru Amrit Kaur and Marshall, Jarrelle Maurice

Kaas, Tucker Jeffery and George, Hannah Michelle

Grennan, Kyle Dennis and Laval, Monica Christina

Mendezona, Tyler Joseph and Breidenbach, Alexa Danna

Ross, Jordan Mansfield and Robertson, Kendra Jean

Mckinnon, Ashley Laura and Mehaffey, Christopher Aaron

Calhoun, Keegan Lee and Stearns, Annemarie Delores

Morgan, Joshua Scott and Emery, Kirsten Laureen

Galloway, James Patrick and Hartter, Dianna Lee

Alder, Stephen Barrett and Hildebrand, Elizabeth Joy

Mahler, Jonathan Barry and Krieg, Heather Leigh

Ruiz, Morales Edwain Luciano and Aguilar, Yara

Winegar, Leilani Melia and Claxton, Roger Ray

Ran, Rathchovy and Koh, Charles Junghyun


Boser, Sr., Dennis, 72, Bothell, May 6

Brower, Barbara, 80, Marysville, May 6

Connolly, Hilda, 91, Lynnwood, May 4

Cordell, Yvonne, 91, Everett, April 28

Dubbury, Lesley, 60, Edmonds, May 4

Fagerlie, Jane, 69, Snohomish, April 27

Felger, Jr., James, 66, Bothell, May 5

Julian, Evelyn, 90, Lynnwood, May 2

Komnick, Marilyn, 74, Edmonds, May 3

Leader, Marylee, 68, Everett, May 7

McCleerey, Rowland, 75, Arlington, May 6

Nielsen, Jerome, 72, Everett, May 6

Palmer, Edward, 84, Marysville, May 2

Peterson, Irene, 92, Lynnwood, May 6

Rohweder, Annabelle, 87, Stanwood, May 3

Royce, Robert, 83, Tulalip, May 3

St Marie, Sonia, 51, Everett, May 1

Wilson, Cyril, 86, Everett, May 7

Wright, Gene, 85, Darrington, May 4

Hurlburt, Mary, 72, Lake Stevens, April 30

Allen, Candace, 66, Everett, May 9

Baker, Naomi, 93, Mountlake Terrace, May 7

Cherkasskikh, Yevgeniy, 80, Everett, May 9

Gove, Douglas, 64, Bothell, May 8

Hardesty, Rodney, 57, Marysville, May 7

Keller, Roger, 81, Everett, May 5

Lind, John, 81, Lynnwood, May 5

Nelson, Douglas, 26, Everett, May 1

Sassower, Caren, 58, Edmonds, May 8

Smith-Shirley, Georgia, 79, Darrington, May 3

Wade, II, Bruce, 47, Renton, May 6

Walsh, Marjorie, 83, Westport, May 6

White, Stephen, 69, Edmonds, May 8

Bacon, Michael, 69, Mountlake Terrace, May 2

Bernhardt, Kenneth, 81, Everett, May 8

Cantrell, Ottis, 90, Arlington, May 8

Copp, John, 90, Stanwood, May 6

Kittleson, Garry, 74, Gold Bar, May 3

Koerber, Barbara, 85, Everett, May 7

Lai, Twuag, 91, Bothell, April 30

McManus, Warren, 78, Lynnwood, May 4

McPhail, Marilyn, 82, Everett, May 5

Poirier, Ronald, 76, Lynnwood, May 1

Saltness, Colleen, 86, Everett, May 7

Smith, Mary, 76, Lynnwood, May 6

Spencer, Jean, 89, Everett, May 9

Johnson, Norman, 85, Arlington, May 9

Arney, Patricia, 67, Everett, May 3

Arnold, Betty, 94, Everett, May 5

Barkey, Russell, 55, Lynnwood, May 7

Corbrly, Gary, 63, Everett, May 13

Elbatta, Amaal, 68, Mill Creek, May 12

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Sheriff’s Office receives national recognition

Sheriff accepts award “notable achievements in the field of highway safety” over the past year.

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The Liquor and Cannabis Board is considering two scenarios for allowing a minimal number of plants.

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