Waves damage rail line between Everett and Mukilteo; 2nd line OK

  • Fri Jan 27th, 2012 3:56pm
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Associated Press

EVERETT — A Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Co. spokesman says waves crashing over the seawall at four spots between Everett and Mukilteo have washed rocks away from one of two sets of mainline train tracks in the area.

Railroad spokesman Gus Melonas says the main rail line closest to Puget Sound in that area has been closed for repair. Both passenger and freight trains continue to run uninterrupted on a second main track line that is farther from the water.

Melonas says crews planned to work through the night Thursday, dumping 14 rail cars’ worth of rock brought in to stabilize the roadbed. He says the high water washed rocks away from the ends of rail ties on the main line closest to the water.

The double main line rail tracks in that area parallel Puget Sound.