Woman convicted in UW ecoterrorism case goes home

  • Sun Oct 17th, 2010 5:31pm
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Associated Press

SEATTLE — A woman whose conviction for helping with a notorious 2001 Seattle ecoterrorism attack was overturned by a federal appeals court has returned home.

The North American Animal Liberation press office says Briana Waters was released from prison Saturday. The 34-year-old Waters was connected to a cell of radical environmentalists based in Olympia and in Oregon who carried out attacks throughout the West from 1996-2001, causing more than $80 million in damage.

Last month, an appeals court overturned Water’s conviction for helping an ecoterrorism attack that destroyed a University of Washington research center, concluding the judge made mistakes that cast doubt on the fairness of her trial.

Waters had been convicted of serving as the lookout during the attack, and had been sentenced to six years in prison.

The animal rights group says Waters has been reunited with her daughter, Kalliope.