A check-list against Obama

If you:

Don’t have a 401k that you want to retire on.

Don’t invest in stocks that you want to see grow.

Own a home that isn’t underwater.

Aren’t trying to sell a home you’ve invested your life into.

Want to remain on unemployment insurance.

Want to remain on public assistance.

Want to remove restrictions from applying for public assistance.

Believe in same-sex marriage.

Believe there’s a war on women.

Want to eliminate immigration laws.

Want higher taxes.

Don’t care if your health care costs go up and the actual care goes down.

Don’t mind being forced by the government to buy something.

Don’t care if we go so far in debt that we can’t possibly get out of it.

Believe that denigrating others makes you look better.

If you accept spun truth “Chicago style.”

Believe that more restrictive regulations and controls are a good thing.

Believe that unions belong in the government sector.

Believe that capitalism should be abolished.

Don’t care how much it costs to fill up your tank.

Actually think Joe Biden could be President as second in line, “Come on man, I’m serious.”

Re-elect President Obama.

Howard M. Burpee